Ownphone's first braille phone

Visually impaired people demand special care and more attention and it is their right. Technology can be used to cater for the special needs for blind and physically impaired people. In this context, a London based mobile design company OwnFone [...]

Diagnose Skin Cancer using Mobile

With the arrival of summer many people visit beaches to get tanned, but excessive sunlight exposure may produce sunburns which can ultimately leads to skin cancer. That is why, the doctors advise to take special protective measures. Odd looking moles [...]

App glasses

It is pretty bad experience to forget your glasses somewhere especially when love them. What if someone reminds you? You will be really thankful to him. So, pay thanks to Tzukuri glasses that remind you if you have forgotten them [...]

Body Heat charger

The world of science is full of surprises. Every now and then, we see new inventions and their amazing application. Few years back it would have been a mere fantasy that human being will be charging their mobiles with their [...]

Make coffee with iPhone

Making perfect coffee is a real art. It is not everybody who can make it with a perfect blend and accurate proportions. But now it is not a big deal to make perfect coffee thanks to the new iPhone app. The [...]

Apple patent

Apple incorporation always came with something new, something very innovative and unique. This time, Apple came with a brand new idea of hologram phone. Hologram movies remained pretty fascinating for masses for long. Thanks to Apple for turning the dream [...]

Driver Texting While A Child walks

Sending text messages while driving can really be a fatal thing to do. A number of accidents and injuries across the world occurs due to this bad practice. That's the reason why in many countries the use of mobile phone [...]

yaliny support android and iOS

Mobile communication is no doubt performing a fabulous job of connecting people. However, in some far flung areas this service is not yet available. In such areas, satellites are the only option for global coverage. Now a Russian company Yaliny [...]

Wireless Charging System

Forgetting one's charger or the charger cable is a very common and annoying issue.  A pretty nice solution to this problem has been invented by Korean scientists. Forget the clump of charger cables and no need to search for the [...]

Not On App Store: Project To Remind Geeks About pleasures of Everyday life-

"Not on App Store" is a photography project that invites us to leave the screens of our mobiles and laptops in favor of the true pleasures offered to us by life. We all know the phrase "Available on the App Store,", [...]

Sensors can be attached with Mobile

Nowadays, mobiles have become an essential part of our daily life. One can’t imagine life without a mobile phone. That is the reason more and more efforts are being put in to design innovative and  cost-effective mobiles. In this regard, [...]

Portable Wind turbine

Charging mobile becomes very crucial when you are on the move or away from home. Search for a mobile charging point is also annoying when you are at some public place or a garden. Recently, two American electricians Einar Agustsson [...]

MicrobeScope Turns Your iPhone Into A Microscope-1

If you are a biology student or an amateur scientist or a biology passionate, you would often require using microscope in the lab. Well, you can now have your own microscope by turning your iPhone into one for $115 only. [...]

Wrist Communicator

Idea of a smartphone on the wrist watch is not a new one, it has been in the working since many years. Two famous companies Omate TrueSmart and Neptune Pine are also working on it. The issue with these devices [...]


Imagine you are going to a party and you are already aware of who else is there or you are at a bar and interested in knowing other people around? How does it sound? Wonderful! SocialRadar will help you out [...]

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