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Apple Insider Will Soon Turn Holographic Movies On Smartphone A reality

Apple incorporation always came with something new, something very innovative and unique. This time, Apple came with a brand new idea of hologram phone. Hologram movies remained pretty fascinating for masses for long. Thanks to Apple for turning the dream into reality. Apple has recently patented a display technology where 3D images can be created and then you can use your finger to make them move. You can also float the holograms by using the anticipated display technology. A 3D image is created by the system, optical system helps in putting the image into the air and finally sensors are there to make them move.

Hologram Phone
Hologram movies remained pretty fascinating for masses for long. Thanks to Apple for turning the dream into reality
Apple patent
Apple has filed a new technology that will features 3D moving objects using finger

The patent was filed by the Apple Insider. The system could be developed with either the laser or whatever could make image over the display. According to files, “‘if desired, there may be one, two, three, four, or more than four projectors in the display system. Each projector may include a single monochromatic laser, may include multiple monochromatic lasers of the same color, or may include multiple monochromatic lasers of different colors such as a red, green, and blue for producing color images.”

Good bye to Remote Control
Good Bye to Remote Control with New iPhone Hologram Phones

The optical system could be used to draw a projection. After striking with the finger or external object, the light will be reflected back to the sensors. The sensors may include camera, light based sensors or image sensors. In order to track the movement of finger, acoustic-based sensors and capacitive sensors are used. In this way, sensors will be fully manipulated. The development of such system is also on its way to completion at Amazon though the architecture is totally different. The proposed architecture of amazon 3D handset has four cameras to create a floating screen effect. It is expected that the model will be launched by the June of this year. The device is also said to be able to track the retina so that images might be formed on the smartphones.

Apple Hologram phone
Apple Hologram Phone made realized

So, get ready for a smartphone display with a slogan “float above the screen like a hologram and appear three-dimensional at all angles.”