Forget Plug: Wind Turbine Charger Can Charge Your Mobile Anywhere

Portable Wind turbine

Charging mobile becomes very crucial when you are on the move or away from home. Search for a mobile charging point is also annoying when you are at some public place or a garden. Recently, two American electricians Einar Agustsson and Agust Agustsson have developed a new charger that requires no electricity power source as it harnesses the wind power. Here, a small wind turbine is used to charge your mobile using USB port. So, there is also no issue of an appropriate charging pin. Every mobile having a USB port can be charged with this new technology. The first portable wind mobile charger is named as Trinity. Taking into account billions of mobile users worldwide, it is indeed a small but crucial step towards a green future of our planet.

This device can not only be used for charging mobiles but also other device having a USB port for example tablets etc. Trinity does not resemble a big wind turbine but a small 12 inches vessel that could be folded. Aluminum legs help to stand the device. It can take shape of a long rod or a tripod. Three blades at the top of the rod make the generator inside spin and generate power up to 15 watts. To store the electricity produced, a battery is also attached with this device.

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Wind Powered Mobile Charger
Wind Powered Mobile Charger gives you Freedom of Charging your Mobile anywhere
Mobile Charger
Wind Powered Mobile Charger charges not only mobile but all the device which have a USB port
Trinity can Become a Tripod
Trinity has three legs which can be Expanded and Compressed
Portable Wind turbine
It is a portable Device which can be Placed anywhere
Trinity Measurments
Different Dimensions Of The Device are Shown

The device is also provided with an internal battery to save power for future use. Fully charged battery is enough for almost 4 to 6 mobile phones according to the inventors. The batteries can also be charged by plugging it directly into a Power socket. A funding raising request has also been launched at KickStarter project as the inventors aim to commercialize the device by the next year.