GuardBot- A Spherical Robot Comfortable Both On Land And Water-4

Building an explorer robot is good, but making a robot that is almost able to move anywhere is even better. To achieve this, GuardBot has an unusual form: it is a sphere that rolls! Equally at home on land and in the [...]

Telebot: An Amazing Robot To Assist The Policemen On The Ground-3

What if the Robocop became a reality? Telebot is a robot policeman built by Florida International University. It can be controlled remotely and able to perform various tasks such as distributing fines or responding to the emergency calls. We tell you [...]

Spot A Highly Sophisticated Robot For Disasters To Master Any Terrain-2

This revolutionary dog-like robot, developed by Google, is capable of walking through difficult terrains during natural disasters. Indeed, it has an incredible sense of balance that allows it to stand in any situation. For some, this robot might become man's best friend. [...]

DALER-A bat inspired robot that can fly and move on the ground-3

DALER is definitively different from other drones. Thanks to its folding and retractable wings, it is not only able to fly, but also move on the ground. A drone inspired by the morphology of bats, it could help rescuers during search of [...]

This Little Robot Can Imitate Your Handwriting With Perfection-1

Writing a document in your handwriting, without using a a pencil, may seem like a science fiction? Yet a company has created a robot that has the ability to perfectly imitate the human writing with perfection. The latter can write a letter, [...]

ATLAS-A Robot That Can Walk On Stone Without Falling-

Boston Dynamics engineers have developed a very impressive robot. Named as Atlas, this humanoid machine is designed to stand in all circumstances, even if it receives a substantial perturbations  or is walking on a rough terrain. We make you discover this [...]

VolcanoBot: NASA's New Compact Robot To Explore Volcanoes From Inside-1

NASA has launched a mini robot that is able to explore volcanoes of the Earth by sneaking into the crevices through which the magma flows. The goal is to develop a 3D model of a volcano to better understand the mechanisms [...]

An Amazing Robot Learns Cooking By Watching Youtube Videos-

This robot could not even break an egg but now it  can cook like a chef. To do this, he simply watched videos on the Internet and learned like a human. We present to you this wonder of robotics! Researchers from [...]

Yeti: An Autonomous Robot To Save Human Lives By Tracking Crevices-

To secure scientists' convoys at the poles, the researchers have developed Yeti. This self-guided robot can track the crevices that could engulf the men and their gear.  Check out the amazing video of this robot that is currently involved  in monitoring the Ross [...]

Hector: This Bio Inspired Hexapod Moves Swiftly Like A Real Insect-2

Hector is a small insect robot built by a research team from the University of Bielefeld in Germany. It very closely mimics the behavior of real insects where each leg can adapt itself to the surface and moves swiftly.  Hector is an [...]

This Fully Autonomous Robot Will Soon Conquer Unexplored Ocean Depths-

Scientists have developed a fully autonomous underwater robot, capable of exploring the seabeds without human help. This invention could be used in many areas and map the unexplored depths. We tell you more about this little interesting piece of technology!  Researchers [...]

Scary Drone Video Captures Ruins of Ghost Town Of Chernobyl-10

Almost 30 years after the explosion of the Chernobyl's nuclear power plant, the Ukrainian city is still abandoned and continues to make headlines. Danny decided to capture his fascinating tour of the nearby city of Pripyat through a harrowing video filmed [...]

NIXIE: The World's First Wrist Worn Selfie Drone-

The Nixie is the first selfie drone that not only follows you everywhere but in addition to that can also be worn on your wrist like a bracelet. You want to be under the spotlight. Whether you are in some [...]

Stunning Aerial Photographs Taken By Drones Offer A Unique Perspective-7

Today we offer you to fly over the world through a sumptuous series of aerial photographs. All these scenes have been immortalized by the drones in the most beautiful way. Discover without delay. 1. An eagle flies over the Bali Barat [...]

This 3D Printed Robot Is Unbreakable And Unstoppable-2

Norwegian researchers have developed a robot that can easily adapt itself to all kinds of different terrains and situations. It can even print its parts in 3D for on the spot self-repair in case of malfunction. Objective is that it can be sent anywhere to work [...]

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