NIXIE: The World’s First Wrist Worn Selfie Drone (Video)

NIXIE: The World's First Wrist Worn Selfie Drone-

The Nixie is the first selfie drone that not only follows you everywhere but in addition to that can also be worn on your wrist like a bracelet.

You want to be under the spotlight. Whether you are in some important concert or trying to accomplish your lifetime sporting achievement, you need someone there to film all this. With Nixie, a drone dedicated to Selfie you can easily capture the moment of your glory without any help. A Selfie-drone looks more like a Quadcopter that is equipped with a mini-camera designed to track the user (you) everywhere and make videos and photos throughout your exploits. You probably remember the drone “Hexo+“, designed by a startup in France that had raised thousands of dollars for the project by crowdfunding, or perhaps Airdog. Both of these drones had the same qualities as Nixie, that is to say, follow you and shoot you where you are. But Nixie has something more: it is also a bracelet. So you can wear the drone around just like a wrist watch. You don’t need to worry as how to take a photo of yourself all the time. A project – currently in prototype stage – for the final stage of the prestigious Make it Wearable Challenge. Welcome to the era of “drone Selfie”! Click on the video below for more details.

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We are really awestruck by this amazing achievement of engineers who have managed to design such a reduced size and efficient robot. Would you like to use such a drone to take the selfie of yourself?