Now Enjoy Coffee With Your Face Printed On It!!!-

Now Enjoy Your Delicious Coffee With Your Face Printed On It!!!

In Taiwan, instead of writing your name on the foam of your coffee, they serve it with with your portrait printed on it. Discover this amazing innovation without delay.

Indeed when you are buying a coffee from a well reputed chain, you deserve better than just your misspelled first name printed in black. Goodbye Starbucks, and welcome Let’s Caffe! This Taiwanese establishment is equipped with a cappuccino printer that draws a cocoa groove on the foam of your latte. Furthermore, if you love to take selfies, just take your picture with a smartphone, send it to the printer. You will see a miracle of the Selfie-technology. You will see your beautifully drawn unique face on the coffee. But this masterpiece of culinary art is sadly short lived. You will have to dissolve your face in order to drink the coffee. Or if you offer the coffee to someone you will have to see your face being dissolved by someone. If you also like coffee and you also love yourself very much, then go to Taiwan to enjoy this coffee. The following video provides a demo of this amazing technology. 


Indeed we are impressed by this new printing technology and would love to have our face printed on the coffee. And you, would you like to go to Taiwan to enjoy such coffee?