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Since its inception in November 1996, Adobe Flash has been ubiquitous on the Internet. Web developers and website operators who wished to provide animation, videos, or games had no choice but to adhere to the benchmark, Flash. This dragged on [...]

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“High performing marketing is dictated by how well you connect with your audience. Focus on Connection!” - Stacey Kehoe The practicalities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution are currently being adopted by the global community. According to Wikipedia.com, the latest worldwide statistics [...]

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“Animation in web design” – It is the most discussed topic in today’s web design market, as it has forced almost every designer to think whether they should use animation in their web designs or not. However, if we look [...]

Website for Millennials

The purchasing power of Millennials have already reached nearly over $200 billion each year, a number that any entrepreneur should know. Whether they’re buying in an online store or a brick-and-mortar shop, there’s no denying that the millennial generation is [...]

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Many concerned parents are turning to reliable iPhone Keylogger apps to prevent their beloved children from the modern day pitfalls of the internet and Smartphone use. They rely on these apps to monitor the activity on these phones to try [...]

Having a WordPress site is great. With it you can quickly design a great looking site, add new features with a few clicks of your mouse, and manage all your content in one place. However, doing all this doesn’t guarantee [...]

Virtual Private Network

Connectivity has become so ubiquitous that our reliance on it is growing day by day. From online banking to research to communication, clearly the internet has introduced many ways that make our lives easier. While the internet has revolutionized how [...]

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The internet has truly transformed the way that the job market looks. Nowadays, you can get everything and anything online, including both employers and employees. It made it possible to monetize your skills and talents in a way that isn’t [...]

Android Oreo 8.8, Updates of Android Oreo 8.8, Advantages of Using Android Oreo,

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz around Android Oreo 8.0. So let us have a brief look at what is new in the new version of Android. With the recent Android Oreo 8.0 update coming up, there are [...]

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We present 32 handpicked high definition Dell wallpapers that you can use as background for your widescreen computer, laptop or iPad. These are available for free download and have a high definition resolution of 1080p (1920x1080).  To download these wallpapers [...]

7 iPhone Cases That Look To Come Directly From 007 Movies-

For the people who love spy gadgets, and tend to behave cooler than what actually they are. Here, we are going to present 7 iPhone Cases that appear to come from the spy movies. This smart and thin iPhone offers [...]

Amazing Presence Of Naturally Occurring Nuclear Reactor In Oklo, Africa-4

It is  a well known fact that it was in United States that a team of famous scientists from around the world were able to unlock the secrets of nuclear fission during World War 2. Subsequently they controlled it for [...]

Attention!!! 9 Things To Never Post On Facebook-5

Facebook has gained immense popularity as a social media but you must never post these 9 information on Facebook for your own safety. Virtually all parents having an Facebook account publish photos and videos of kids children with their first [...]

Soon Smartphones Would Be Used To Do Pregnancy Tests-1

A team of researchers at the Hannover university are developing smartphone based diagnostics to monitor diabetes or pregnancy.  They are working on the development of the optical sensor and the related app for this purpose. This inexpensive mobile device can [...]

Learn How You Can Unsend An Email in Gmail-2

For almost all us, there was a moment in our lives when we would have thought, after sending an email, that it might have been good if I had not sent that mail. For all such embarrasing situations the Gmail [...]

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