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The Importance of Having An Attractive Website Design

Designing a website can be fun. You can use a standard template, adjust the layout, add pictures, and personalize it. However, while you’ll have fun making it, you need to consider what the finished result is like.

In many cases, the haphazard approach results in a cluttered website. That’s not a good thing as visitors will generally not stay on a cluttered website. Considering the average time on a page is just 15 seconds, you can’t afford to have anyone leave your page early.

Digital technology has made it possible to locate anything, no matter where it is in the world. The downside of this is that people have become less patient. If they can’t find what they need on your site, they’ll go elsewhere.

If you want to build a successful website and make a profit from selling things, you need to make the entire process, from arriving on site to checking out, as simple as possible. Done properly, the customer will be checking out before they even have time to consider other options.

However, to achieve this you need the best Ecommerce Website Design possible. That means using the experts to ensure your site runs smoothly and directs people naturally where they want and need to go.

That’s actually the basis of attractive website design. While pictures of stunning girls or even scenery may help get people to your site, it’s not going to help visitors find your products and services. It is certainly unlikely to help them spend money with you.

Simplicity and ease of navigation are the key elements to an attractive website. Colors, fonts, and even the images help to create your brand and are important elements, but simplicity must be your first priority.

Making a sale may be the fundamental reason why your website exists, but there are other reasons why an attractive website is so important.

Drawing Them In

An attractive and simple website can still be informative. Instead of cluttering it with articles, keep simple facts and titles that will intrigue your visitor. This will encourage them to find out more about you and delve deeper into your site.

Engaging with potential customers means you’ll build your reputation, encourage loyalty, and are likely to increase sales.


Another important consideration when building an attractive website is that it looks professional. If you look like you’re a well-established business that actually cares about its customers then people are more likely to see you as trustworthy.

Building trust is key to generating customers and ensuring repeat business. An attractive website helps you to do this by assuring the visitor that you’re genuine. In other words, you’ve taken the time to create a great site because you intend to be around for a long time.

That’s important to most customers.

Natural Tendencies

No matter how much we try to believe that humans are evolving and becoming more fair-minded, there is little doubt that people are naturally drawn to attractive items.

If you pause to consider your own actions you’ll find it hard to disagree, it’s much easier to stay on an attractive website than it is to stay on a cluttered, badly organized, or unattractive site.

Keeping people on your site is important if you want to build your reputation or make sales.

Building A Brand

To create a successful business you need to become known to as many people as possible. The average conversion rate across all industries is just 2.5%. That means for every 1,000 visits you’ll get just 25 sales. It’s instantly obvious why you need high visitor numbers.

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But, top brands can enjoy much higher conversion rates, the same 1,000 visits can result in 100-250 sales! The key difference is that they are recognized brands, people trust them.

Your attractive website helps to build trust. The uniformity of your site and other advertising builds a brand concept. Together these increase public awareness of who you are. That results in a higher conversion rate.

It all starts with an attractive website that builds trust and credibility.

Customer Perception

The first impression counts. But, so does every impression after that. Customers are generally very fickle and will move to a competitor if you fail to deliver what you promise or your website is inconsistent.

This may not be inspiring but it is an important reason to ensure every page of your site is attractive, laid out in the same manner, and is easy to navigate.

Along with great customer service, you’ll find this helps you to create new customers and retain existing ones.

Creating An Attractive Website

A professional firm will handle the creation process for you. However, it is important to be aware of the criteria which construe an attractive website. This will help if you wish to add information or make changes to the site pages.

  • Keep Navigation Simple

As already mentioned, the easier it is for a visitor to find what they want and purchase, the more likely it is you’ll get sales.

Even if you’re just supplying information, it’s worth making navigation simple. If you don’t, people will quickly go elsewhere.

  • Black & White Works

It’s good to have some color on your webpage. However, too much color can make the page look confusing, especially if they conflict with each other.

Besides coloring the background or the text can make it much harder to read. If it’s difficult to read most people will give up and look on a different website.

Black writing on a white background and just a few colors really does help to keep your site attractive and appealing.

  • Speed Counts

If your page takes too long to load then people will just move on. It’s a fact of modern life that people are impatient. If they don’t get the instant gratification they desire they simply try somewhere else.

You have to consider the size of your page and the server service you’re using. An attractive website is fast at loading all pages.

  • Link To Social Media

Attractive websites link to social media. This makes the site more user-friendly and much easier for visitors to share your products and pages.

It also helps you to become better known!

  • Current Trends

You should be aware of how internet trends change. Sometimes these changes will affect the way people perceive your website. Being aware of the changes will help to ensure your site stays relevant.