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Do we need to know coding to build beautiful web pages?

Let’s start with understanding how a website could actually benefit your business. Seventy-five-percent (kinesisinc.com) of consumers admit to making judgements about a company’s credibility based on its website design. A website represents your business 24*7*365 in a way no employee can. It’s the best measure of the credibility of a business in the digital age.

Are you looking to build a website with zero technical knowledge? And your budget is not big enough to hire a team of developers or purchase a web-page-building solution? Well, this is the place where we tell you that you can design your own website, without having to code at all!

Here are four reasons why a no-code website builder is the perfect solution for you.

1. Pre-made templates

As per a HubSpot report, 38% of people reported that they’ll stop engaging with a website if the layout is unattractive. With website design software, you can choose beautiful, ready-to-use templates and simple drag-and-drop elements to build a website that your users like to engage with.

2. Better User Experience

Websites that are content-heavy and include many videos and images are often slow to load. In 2015, a study reported that slow-loading websites cost retailers $2.6 billion (InVision) in lost sales each year!

3. Ease of design and implementation

One of the best qualities of a no-code website is that it grows with your business. As opposed to coded websites, where every small change requires a team of experienced developers and carries a maximum number of possible iterations, a no-coded site can be modified and refined regularly, without any technical expertise.

In addition to the usability, a no-code website builder is significantly more affordable than a coded one. If you have a small budget that cannot accommodate the fees of a developer and the additional costs of building a website from scratch, no-code software is just the right solution for you.

4. Device-friendliness

According to a survey conducted in 2017, nearly 8 out of 10 (Ironpaper.com) visitors would stop engaging with content that doesn’t display well on their devices. Due to the differing sizes of electronic equipment — i.e. laptops, tablets, and smartphones — a coded website needs to be segregated into different layouts, each coded separately to suit individual screens. This calls for a huge investment of time, money, and resources.

A no-code website, on the other hand, is customized to suit different orientations by default. Changing the layout or a piece of text in the desktop layout through a drag-and-drop action will automatically replicate the action on the mobile layout. This helps in reducing the bounce rate and increasing conversions, as average smartphone conversion rates are 64% (SocPub) higher than desktop conversion rates.

Websites are a powerful tool to help you build a trustworthy digital presence and attract more consumers to your business. The most important thing is building a web page that not only conveys your brand values but is also pleasant and easily accessible for your consumers.

So, let’s get started on making website impressions count without any technical knowledge, all thanks to “no-code!”