How an SD-WAN solution can scale your business

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An SD-WAN solution from China Telecom (Europe) adapts to your business needs. Our advanced SD-WAN solution is an ideal fit for businesses who want an SD-WAN solution that uses your existing underlying telecommunications infrastructure to reduce the need for costly integration work. We work with you as we design, plan, test, and implement your SD-WAN solution while providing you with industry-leading SLAs and support options.

The difference between a WAN and an SD-WAN

An SD-WAN is different from an ordinary WAN as an SD-WAN reduces its dependence on hardware and data centre and instead focuses on cloud networking and integrated software. This approach has various advantages as it provides a solution that is agile and dynamic to issues related to connectivity.

SD-WAN is a wide area network that utilises software to control network operations. If you want to understand better how SD-WAN actually works, it also helps to understand what a WAN is. A Wide Area Network (WAN) is a network that expands over a large geographical area in contrast to Local Area Networks (LAN). LAN networks are usually more isolated in homes or offices than WANs.

A WAN connects a small number of networks – typically LANs – making it possible for users from one specific location to communicate with users from another area. Software inside the SD-WAN manages all the different locations within the WAN network, which boosts performance and efficiency. Besides boosting performance, an SD-WAN likewise supports privacy and security measures such as firewalls, gateways and virtual private networks (VPNs).

China Telecom (Europe) can provide you with an SD-WAN

As a global technology leader, China Telecom (Europe) builds flexible, feature-rich SD-WAN platforms over our advanced private network. Our SD-WAN solutions provide you with stable, secure and flexible connectivity today and into the future. We work with you to plan and deliver the best SD-WAN solution for your specific business needs.

We can assist your business, including data, voice, cloud, hosting and ICT requirements, and give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re in the safe hands of industry experts with local knowledge.

We offer you more options than any other carrier when you do business with China.

Domestically in China, we are the owner/operator of the largest digital network. This results in superior lower latency, greater diversity and improved resilience when accessing business applications to and from China.

Best of all, you can get all the services you want from one provider. China Telecom (Europe) seamlessly connects your global business to the world’s largest single marketplace.

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