Artificial Intelligence

This Little Robot Can Imitate Your Handwriting With Perfection-1

Writing a document in your handwriting, without using a a pencil, may seem like a science fiction? Yet a company has created a robot that has the ability to perfectly imitate the human writing with perfection. The latter can write a letter, [...]

An Amazing Robot Learns Cooking By Watching Youtube Videos-

This robot could not even break an egg but now it  can cook like a chef. To do this, he simply watched videos on the Internet and learned like a human. We present to you this wonder of robotics! Researchers from [...]

Cepheus-An Unbeatable Poker Software-

Cepheus, is a computer program developed by the researchers at University of Alberta, Canada. They claim it is invincible in a type of Poker game. It was trained by playing against itself for two months and hence it has reviewed [...]

Amazing Stage Performance Of Illusionist Marco With EDI Robot-2

The famous techno-illusionist Marco Tempest has a new friend: EDI, a "multifunctional robot designed to work closely with humans." In this video, Marco makes a plea, on the stage, for a closer cooperation between humans and robots. The duo even performs a [...]

Robo Brain: A Robotic Brain That Can Browse Web To Learn New Skills-

A team of American researchers has developed a robotic brain with a huge database on the Internet. It has the unique ability to browse internet, learn new functions and store the required information on internet. Robo Brain can be considered in [...]

Jibo: World's First Multifunctional Companion Robot For The Family-2

Jibo wants to become the first companion robot that is able to interact with all members of a family. It recognizes faces, understand natural language and can act as a personal assistant in daily routine of people. Still in its prototype [...]

Japanese Consortium i-roobo: 100 Advanced AI robots by 2020-

300 Japanese companies have made i-roobo consortium in Tokyo, on July 1, 2014. The purpose of this new consortium is to make 100 new robots using advanced artificial intelligence techniques by the year 2020. Japan has always been a leader in the [...]

A Computer Program Makes History By Passing The Alan Turing Test For The First Time-

A computer program was able to do a scientific exchange by chatting with human judges pretending to be a 13 year old boy test. Hence it was for the first time a computer program was able to pass the Alan [...]

By Year 2045, It Would Be Able To Transfer Your Brain To A hard Disk -

If you are afraid of death or want to leave some real souvenir for your descendants, perhaps this would be a great news for you. An engineer has said that within thirty years time, it will be possible for you [...]

Netflix develops An Artificial Brain To Recommend You Movies According To Your Tase-1

When you want to watch a movie, nothing ever matches the advice of a friend who knows your tastes, but that could change in the near future! Netflix is developing a unique kind of online search engine that understands and [...]

10 Technologies That Can Lead To The Slavery Of Human Race-2

The idea that humans might one day be enslaved by their own technological inventions may not be an impossible situation. We make you discover 10 inventions that can one day turn against humans.  1. Drones The U.S. Department of Defense is [...]

20 Iconic Robots That Marked The History Of Cinema (Photo Gallery)-2

The robots are an important part of the cinematic landscape. They have even played the role of a hero or a villain in some films.  We present to you the example of 20 most famous robots from the history of [...]

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