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Development of the Neurosphere in the SYPWAI project. Solving global challenges for humanity

Solving global problems using Neurosphere developments

Artificial intelligence is the ability of machines to collect information, analyze and process it, draw conclusions on their own and formulate hypotheses. It is based on a primitive biological model of the nervous systems. Recently, we have seen an increased interest in neural networks. They are used in a wide variety of industries: physics, geology, medicine, business. There is an opinion that it is no longer worth meddling in this area since all niches are occupied. Nevertheless, it is not so. In the SYPWAI project, which was developed by the specialists of the Neurosphere, there is a place for everyone who wants to teach AI.

With the development of technology, new professions appear. SYPWAI playground was one of the innovators and formed a new type of activity – data markup. In the Neurosphere, this is an integral part of artificial intelligence training.

Cooperation with SYPWAI

To train the neural network, the Neurosphere attracts people from all over the world. Everyone who wishes can not only participate in shaping the life of the future, but also receive payment for this. Participants need to complete simple tasks.

Collaboration requires two types of people. The first type includes applicants who are selected regardless of age and field of activity (students, retirees, anyone). The second type includes people with special skills.

In some areas, specialized knowledge is required to provide correct answers. For example: the field of medicine. Moreover, such tasks are especially important. Teaching markup, such as an operation, cannot be done by a homemaker or a student. The help of a specialist is needed here.

SYPWAI success

SYPWAI is a modern project of the Neurosphere for the development of artificial intelligence. The company operates in one of the world’s largest markets – the high-tech market, the volume of which is measured in trillions of dollars.

The SYPWAI platform is a fabulous success that evolving at a rapid pace. The number of users is increasing every day. More and more companies want to cooperate with this well-proven platform.

The company possesses a huge knowledge base, adequately assesses the capabilities of its sector, and clearly knows the ultimate goal. It gradually expands the boundaries and introduces new technologies.

Experts agree that the SYPWAI project will help revolutionize the scientific world in the development of neural networks and artificial intelligence. Everyone who needs it will be able to use the project. Beta test results showed that the work is going well, which means that the specialists must continue to work to bring the world a new, innovative product. There is every reason to count on the long-term success of Neurosphere’s SYPWAI.

Artificial Intelligence Capabilities

Thanks to the development of neural networks, it was possible to cope with several large-scale tasks using new programs and devices. The main characteristic of AI is that it is capable of self-learning. Artificial intelligence can analyze a huge amount of information, predict situations and find solutions to emerging problems. The machine will be able to perform many tasks in the shortest possible time, which contributes to improving living standards, improving medical technologies, and preventing environmental disasters.

AI can teach the dog while the owner is at work. The prototype device will give pets basic commands and recognize if they are executed. Scientists at SYPWAI have taught a neural network to detect when dogs are sitting, standing, or lying down using over 20,000 images of dogs of different breeds. Then it was combined with a mobile camera, a speaker for issuing instructions, and a tube for delivering dog treats. The indicator has reached an accuracy of 92%.