Mobile Internet

Virtual Private Network

Connectivity has become so ubiquitous that our reliance on it is growing day by day. From online banking to research to communication, clearly the internet has introduced many ways that make our lives easier. While the internet has revolutionized how [...]

Scientists To Use Sheep To Provide Internet In The Countryside-1

It may be one day possible to connect to Wi-Fi in the open countryside, while looking for the nearest sheep!  Experiments have been conducted in the UK by the University of Lancaster to equip the sheep with electronic necklaces to turn [...]

Facebook Mention: A New Application Dedicated To Celebrities-

Facebook, is not necessarily for everyone. Well, rather not the last mobile app launched by the company. Only available on iOS for now, mention is actually reserved for the elite of the population, the biggest celebrities of the world. There are very high chances [...]

SmartyPins Lets You Test Your Knowledge Of Geography And Culture Using Google Maps-

If you are a lover of Geography and often like to play games for testing your knowledge about Geography then Google's SmartyPins game is perfect for you. The game has been designed using the platform of Google Maps. You have a [...]

African Farmers Use SMS To Optimize The Harvest Management-2

Vast African continent continues to develop and many companies see potential in this region. This is particularly the case of Orange, the French mobile operator, which has set up a service for African farmers to optimize the management of their [...]

ISOSCOPE: Explore Distance You Can Travel In 10 Minutes-

Perhaps stranded in public transport a developer had this brilliant idea: to create the website ISOSCOPE. This is an interactive site to let you know how far you can walk in 10 minutes. A great initiative that does not solve the [...]

Your computer Might Be Infected With Spyware Computrace-

What if your laptop or desktop computer was infected with a virtually undetectable spyware? The same argument has been made by Kaspersky which is a company specializing in antivirus. It estimates that more than 2 million computers worldwide are affected by [...]

Hue Hue Lights

With the advent of new technologies, life is becoming more easy and comfortable. The voice recognition technology, despite of its age, remains as one of the most fascinating areas of research and development.  For example, using the voice, iPhone's personal [...]

Facebook Nearby App

'Facebook always comes up with something new and exciting. This time once again, Facebook has come up with an app "Nearby Friends" that will tell you about your friends present around you within 1 km radius. It is currently being [...]

Wrist Communicator

Idea of a smartphone on the wrist watch is not a new one, it has been in the working since many years. Two famous companies Omate TrueSmart and Neptune Pine are also working on it. The issue with these devices [...]

Build With Chrome App Enables You To Build virtual LEGO buildings Anywhere In The World (Video)-1

Google and LEGO have collaborated to design an unlikely but quite funny application! You can now build virtual buildings using colored LEGO bricks and place them anywhere on the world you want. Discover this absolutely brilliant app.   Build with Chrome has [...]

China Restricts Its Web Users To Prove Their Identity Before Uploading A Video-

The Chinese government is now implementing a new measure to control the video publishers on the internet. The internet users now have to first prove their identity before uploading a video on a video sharing site.  This decision is being [...]

The Pursuit Internet: Scientists Want To Create Peer-To-Peer Distributed Internet-2

Internet has now spread to most parts of the world and there are performance and server overloading problems. In order to solve this problem, some  researchers are working on a new way to connect to the web, inspired by the [...]

Infographic: What's happening on the internet in a minute?

Intel has released an infographic showing what happens in a minute on the world wide web known as Internet. It shows for example that internet subscribers look at 20 million photographs, upload 3000 photographs and send 204 million e-mails. There are more [...]

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