Facebook Mention: A New Application Dedicated To Celebrities-

Facebook Mention: A New Application Dedicated To Celebrities

Facebook, is not necessarily for everyone. Well, rather not the last mobile app launched by the company. Only available on iOS for now, mention is actually reserved for the elite of the population, the biggest celebrities of the world. There are very high chances that you can not enjoy it.

And it must be admitted that it is a bit annoying, as for the matter of principle everyone must be equal before the web. Mention does not necessarily offer any exceptional features. In fact, the app has only has one objective: to allow stars and celebrities to stay in touch with all their fans. How is that possible? Through a news feed specially developed for this purpose which show all publications related to a particular topic.

Another interesting feature, Mention also allows to start discussion on new topics and inviting fans to participate. A good way to strengthen ties and develop their communities.

But the question that some of you may ask is how Facebook can distinguish the good from the bad. In fact, the principle is simple, to access Mention you just need to have a facebook account with a verified profile. In this matter there is no mystery. However, one of the major disadvantage of this app is that you must also reside in the United States, because it is not yet possible to enjoy the application worldwide.