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Anya And Slava Porcelain Monsters 12

Anya and Slava are two artists who make cute little monsters from porcelain. Their attention to the detail is impressive, which gives a beautiful and poetic touch to their work. Discover without further delay these masterpieces that are fragile as well as [...]


We always take you to the wonderful and amazing places. In one of our previous articles we had taken you to the 2o most strange places on Earth, as well as the  Metro Stations Of Stockholm. Today, we will make [...]

Kang Kang Hoon Ultra Realistic Paintings 2

You're not dreaming, the images in this article are indeed oil paintings. A talented Korean artist creates ultra-realistic portraits. You will certainly not able to differentiate between painting and picture. The Korean artist Kang Kang-Hoon  realizes oil paintings with incredible precision and realism. Difficult [...]

Ultra Realistic Paintings 1

Earlier we had written an article about Incredible Paintings That Look Like Photographs. Here, we are going to represent another impressive series of ultra-realistic photographs. The "photo-realism" is intended to be as close as possible to reality. Discover some of the [...]

Kris Kuksi Surrealist Sculptures From Abandoned Street Artists 2

Finding the abandoned objects in the street and turning them into sublime works of art, is the specialty of a very talented artist. He uses these objects to make impressive sculptures with the depiction of very fine details.  Kris Kuksi is an exceptionally [...]

Molten Porcelain Artwork 9

An artist has reshaped porcelain cups and teapots to give them a molten appearance and all this without damaging or changing the patterns inscribed on them! Discover a collection of strange and fascinating porcelain objects.  Livia Marin, an artist from Chile, [...]

Father Creates Unusual Toy Scenes 2

What to do with your kids' toys when your children are grown up or absent? A father has found the answer: to recreate a series of very funny scenes! Jeff Friesen , is a photographer and a father who had the great [...]

Photo Realistic Paintings 35

We have selected for you some of the best photo-realistic paintings! Paintings that approach the realism of photographs! Watch! Perhaps all of you would have heard the name of traditional artists like Picasso  and Monet etc and their style of painting. In the [...]


Artist Guido Daniele totally bluffs us with his realistic paintings made on hands! We never knew that our fingers could represent the body of some animals.  When we were young, we love to paint using our hands, but we never thought painting on [...]


Person having aesthetic sense could make amazing things from materials which seem useless to others. Here we present a collection of pictures from around the world, depicting the aesthetics sense of artists who have made amazing art works in the [...]

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