Prinsessegade Kindergarten and Youth Club, this is the name of what could become the world's largest outdoor recreation park for children. The city of Copenhagen is concerned about the well-being of its children and plans to build this mini-city especially [...]

Your cat disturbs you while working by staying in your legs? So why not come up with some practical solution for this? Do not hesitate and get inspired by this strange invention of an American company: The Cat Tube!  The firm  Because [...]

The photographer wants to show a vision of urban reality in cities with high population density. As a result, we see these fascinating and frightening photographs of modern urban life. Michael Wolf, a photographer who lived in Hong Kong for eight years, is the [...]

Able to steer a helicopter just by the shear strength of human muscles is a dream that will be soon a reality! A team of Canadian students have managed to make a flight of more than one minute, at the height of more [...]

Imagine a house whose key component is an indoor slide for children. If you do not believe it, see what a Korean architect has made for a small family. Panorama House is the name given to this family home located in Chungcheongbuk-do South [...]

An architectural photographer, from Belgium, presents his work of digital photo-montage and collage. The result is the totally unreal and surreal designs of houses' architecture. Photographer Filip Dujardin continues his fascination with architecture by a series of  image montages showing extravaganza and [...]

cherrapunji living bridges in India from tree roots

Deep inside the Northern India lies one of the most  humid places on earth. Here the bridges are not built, rather they are grown as tree roots. The living bridges in Cherrapunji, India are grown from the trees of Ficus elastica. [...]

You would have seen many abandoned ships but you will find none like this one with a forest of plants and trees on it.  This ship named  as SS Ayrfield but originally called SS Corrimal, was made in 1911 and took part [...]

The architecture of our homes is evolving with time to make them more enerrgy efficient. Here we present a house which was constructed in just 5 weeks. The most important feature of this house is the solar panels that are [...]

Have you ever dreamed of living in a house on the top of a tree like birds live in the nests? Well it is absolutely possible that you realize your dream and build such house. This idea has been taken [...]

The world's tallest building will be built in next few months in Changsha, China. The building will be named Sky City. It will be 838 meters high, 20 meters higher than the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building. Apart form its height, the building will [...]

Eurocopter has successfully completed the unmanned flight of its helicopter  EC145. The flight was able to complete its mission of deploying external sling load and observation. The flight plan consisting of multiple way points was uploaded into the helicopter. After automatically taking  off, without [...]

"I was arrested and jailed when police along with Swedish Nuclear Security raided my apartment," the man said in a post titled "Project canceled! ", dated July 22. "They took everything that was radioactive, but I was released after the investigation. However, [...]

A scientific study, detailed in the journal Science, has announced the creation of a wire 10-1000 times thinner than a human hair and with exceptional electrical conductivity. It is expected that this development will pave way for computers with connection between [...]

Sometimes it gets real frustrating and time consuming to select the music according to your mood. However, this problem has been solved by Japanese company Neurowear. It has invented a new micro mind-reading headphones that can automatically scan your brain [...]

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