Isabell Manufactures Adorable Rings That Contain Small Scenes Of Everyday Life--9

A German artist has had the original idea of ​​enclosing small scenes of everyday life in rings! A work of stunning detail that that manifests itself as a very original works. We present this amazing jewelry. These rings are the [...]

29 Ideas To Help You Recycle Your Glass Bottles Cleverly--26

Who has never disposed off empty glass bottles in dust bin? The DIY enthusiasts know: our debris can be processed surprisingly in everyday objects, or pretty decorations. And glass bottles are a particularly aesthetic and practical to furnish your home. [...]

Sometimes DIYers go beyond the sane limits--25

Recycling is a good way to furnish your house cheaply. In addition to being economical, the spent material reuse helps us to create a functional and customized nest. And it is difficult to imagine all the possibilities that can be done [...]

21 Wedding Rings Inspired By The Star Wars saga--19

Couples which are a fan of Star Wars, would love to share their passion with these wedding rings. This is an opportunity to show all your passion, even on the object that symbolizes love. This one of most legendary sagas [...]

Rings made as the architectures of famous cities--15

Ola Shektman loves to travel. In just a few years, she has lived in no less than six different cities. A passion she expresses in her work: Ola manufactures sublime rings bearing the image of the architecture of different cities [...]

Indeed, the age of between 8 to 14 is a period of free spirit and pleasure. It is a great fun for kids to have an electric scooter at that time. The legal issues and safety rules related to the [...]

Discover True relics of USSR In This Arcades' Museum Of Soviet Era-2

There is a very special museum in St. Petersburg as well as Moscow. Inside, there is a myriad of arcades dating back to the Cold War era of Soviet Union. Even they will distribute the old coins so that one [...]

In a world obsessed with youth, there are very few people who can – hand on heart – claim they are looking forward to growing older. As kids, we may have wished away the years until we became teenagers, then [...]

45 Amazing Daily Use Objects For The Lovers Of Elephants-11

Animals are the Largest land mammal in the world and they fascinate many of us. This is certainly why designers do not lack imagination to ornate everyday items with the image of these pachyderms. The elephant lover can no longer [...]

In the US, watering and tending one's lawn is a popular pass time. Now, there is an app to automate this process. This innovative solution also ensures that water is not wasted during the process as California is suffering from [...]

Haneel Tri Vision-30 Super Cool Vintage Cameras would Make You Regret Not Being Born Earlier -13

Sylvain, a photography enthusiast, who has created an impressive online archive comprising photos of nearly 10,000 vintage cameras. A gigantic task that we share with you today. Surely, this will delight photography lovers!  Sylvain Halgand is the founder of Site Collection-appareils. [...]

World's Most Expensive Headphones With Crystal Clear Sound And Bullet Proof Cord Material-3

Astell&Kern’s has designed AK Ti8e, the world's most expensive headphones costing $999. The reason for such high cost are the use of Tesla technology to provide crystal clear sound. The chord has been made using Kevlar - it is the [...]

Walk Wing To Convert Any Shoes Into Skateboard-2

Walk Wings can be regarded a more sophisticated version of the retro strap-on roller skates. You can use it to convert any shoes into skates thanks to its four retractable wheels. Which can be deployed or retracted using a lever [...]

Polaroid Snap-This $99 Digital Camera Can Instantly Print Photos And Much More-1

Here is a new $99 camera from the makers of Polaroid. It comes with built-in ZINK technology printer. It can print a 2X3' inch photo within a minute of taking a snap. With advent of digital cameras and the smartphones [...]

A tank-Discover Amazing Cross-section View Of 22 Everyday Objects Cut In Half-16

Have you ever wondered what you might see when taking a look inside an object? What you might discover if your toothpaste tube became transparent? We reveal to you the strange views of the cross-sections of these objects when halved! A [...]

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