Haneel Tri Vision-30 Super Cool Vintage Cameras would Make You Regret Not Being Born Earlier -13

Sylvain, a photography enthusiast, who has created an impressive online archive comprising photos of nearly 10,000 vintage cameras. A gigantic task that we share with you today. Surely, this will delight photography lovers!  Sylvain Halgand is the founder of Site Collection-appareils. [...]

World's Most Expensive Headphones With Crystal Clear Sound And Bullet Proof Cord Material-3

Astell&Kern’s has designed AK Ti8e, the world's most expensive headphones costing $999. The reason for such high cost are the use of Tesla technology to provide crystal clear sound. The chord has been made using Kevlar - it is the [...]

Walk Wing To Convert Any Shoes Into Skateboard-2

Walk Wings can be regarded a more sophisticated version of the retro strap-on roller skates. You can use it to convert any shoes into skates thanks to its four retractable wheels. Which can be deployed or retracted using a lever [...]

Polaroid Snap-This $99 Digital Camera Can Instantly Print Photos And Much More-1

Here is a new $99 camera from the makers of Polaroid. It comes with built-in ZINK technology printer. It can print a 2X3' inch photo within a minute of taking a snap. With advent of digital cameras and the smartphones [...]

A tank-Discover Amazing Cross-section View Of 22 Everyday Objects Cut In Half-16

Have you ever wondered what you might see when taking a look inside an object? What you might discover if your toothpaste tube became transparent? We reveal to you the strange views of the cross-sections of these objects when halved! A [...]

A Smart Umbrella That Sings To You And Tells Its Location When Lost-

Blunt designs an Umbrella that carries a 'Tile' bluetooth chip in its canopy. You can use an app to connect to and notify the Umbrella. If Umbrella is within 100-ft from the customer it would start playing a tune to [...]

An Elegant Umbrella With C-shaped handle To Keep You Dry While Texting-

A South Korean firm, kt design has designed a special type of Umbrella with C-shaped handle that allows you to text while holding the Umbrella upright during rain. Named as the "Phone-brella" C-shaped handle props up against the arm while [...]

Longboardstroller, a stroller-skateboard combined-1

Longboarstroller is quite an innovative skateboard that allows you to have the joy of skating, while at the same time strolling your child. Indeed, the skateboard is connected to the baby stroller.  Want to stay young and mobile, even with [...]

Smart Diaper-

Diapers are big convenience for the mother of babies as well as the care takers of the elderly persons. However, it is difficult to know when the diaper gets dirty. As a consequence, the baby or the elderly person has [...]

Hands-on Review Of Samsung's Blackberry Like Qwerty Keyboard-5

Although touchscreens seem to be omnipresent in the world of smartphones, we know quite a many people who are still hanging to Blackberry's QWERTY because of the feedback that it gives to your fingers. May be this new attempt from [...]

Stunning Surreal Images Of Mississippi Made Only Using iPhone-11

We know that many artists use Photoshop to create surreal images. But have you ever wondered that you could also use your smartphone to shoot as well as edit your photos. This is exactly what is the specialty of Melissa [...]

butter candle

If you camp out often in the forest, you need to carry good flashlights with you. But what if your batteries run out and you do not have any candles with? Would you plan for such scenario or you would [...]

28 Geek Stickers With Apple Logo To Transform Your Mackbook's Look-26

 If you are one of MacBook owners, you might have tried to customize your laptop according to your taste. But how to customize it so to bring out your geek side, or, if you want to show your cool and [...]

Scrubba: A Portable Washing Machine For Backpackers-4

Backpackers and Travelers, who travel a lot, often have to make some tough decisions as they often have limited luggage carrying capacity. That is why, during the travel they often have to laundry a lot because of the limited number [...]

Keychains Darth Vader:

Key follow us everywhere. On vacation, at work, in the car, etc. It is normal to have beautiful keychain, especially if they can show our love for the geek universe! We make you a small list of the best of them. [...]

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