7 Reasons Why One Should Learn How To Use PowerShell

7 Reasons Why One Should Learn How To Use PowerShell

This article is all about Microsoft PowerShell. Below are the 7 reasons why one should learn how to use PowerShell.

PowerShell is getting bigger and better day by day, and due to this, Microsoft is focusing a lot on it. 

Microsoft PowerShell is commonly used just because of its easy automation, newly introduced the consent of cmdlet, which is the simple one-line command function tool built into the shell. You can use it on both remote and local Windows operating systems. 

When it comes to management, it is very scalable. We see lots of smart It admins use PowerShell for scripting a cmdlet for a job they have to complete more than a couple of times.

In simple words, PowerShell allows you to do all the tasks very quickly, which you can do in the number of mouse clicks in the GUI.

Right now, all the seven products that Microsoft is developing can be maintained and handled through PowerShell. So, if you analyze from an administrative point of view, then this means that if you gain expertise in PowerShell, then you will acquire the skill set required to handle all of the latest MS products.

The foundational commands in PowerShell are utilized in all the products that are supported by PowerShell, which is one of the main reasons why you should learn to use it. There is a leading IT Training company provides training and certification course for corporate sector as well individual including PowerShell Certification.

Here Are The Few More Reasons Why One Should Learn How To Use PowerShell.

1. Makes Tedious Tasks Easier

It doesn’t matter whether you have used PowerShell or not. One thing is very clear is that PowerShell can make tedious, time-consuming tasks easier. 

It is equipped with an array of features that help you execute tasks more efficiently and effectively. 

For example: If you want to make changes in an ADA (Active Directory Attribute) for 100 people. 

This task will take a lot of energy and effort if you try to finish it manually. On the flip side, PowerShell gives you the power to complete tasks like these just by using some codes. 

2. It Is Here For A Long Time 

After running successfully for so many years, it is clear that users love the functionality and versatility that PowerShell offers. 

Microsoft has also officially announced that PowerShell is not going anywhere and the good thing is that version 2 of PowerShell is not only available for Windows server 2008 R2, but it is also included in other systems by default.

The main reason why Microsoft has taken this step is that in the coming time, Microsoft will build add-ons based on PowerShell. 

3. PowerShell Questions Are Included In MS Certifications

Getting a Microsoft certification is a great way to prove your capability in a specific area of technology. 

It transforms your skills and also boosts your credibility in the market. All the new Microsoft certification exams contain some PowerShell specific questions, so if you are planning to earn an MS certification, then you must develop a good understanding of the PowerShell.

Now that doesn’t mean that you have to become a PowerShell expert, but it is recommended to have some knowledge about PowerShell features and commands. 

4. Enables Interactivity

All the new Microsoft Server Products have one common thread, which is PowerShell. This is the reason why it is believed that PowerShell can be used as a system for providing Interactivity between server-related products.

However, there are no specific examples that could be used to demonstrate this Interactivity, but many developers have claimed that soon they will get the ability to utilize the PowerShell script to operate smoothly between SQL, IIS, and other products. 

5. Easy Automation

Windows PowerShell introduced the concept of the cmdlet. For those who are not familiar with the term cmdlet, then it is single-operation command-line equipment that is built into the shell.

The cmdlet can also be used separately, but you will only get to know about their power when you will use them together to execute complicated tasks.

One interesting thing is that moreover 100 basic key cmdlets are included in Windows PowerShell, and you also have to power to enter your cmdlet and let other users see them. 

Knowing the right methodologies to develop cmdlet and execute PowerShell scripting are some in-demand skills for both small and large companies. And if you master these skills, then you can easily automate many tasks and become an expert Windows Administrator. 

6. Microsoft Says It’s Important

The Internet is filled with rumours and myths; that’s why it is very important to verify the statements and information regarding any technical topics. 

But when Microsoft itself is saying that some skills are important, then you should pay proper attention. 

In 2009, Microsoft announced that in the coming years, the most important skill that every Windows administrator must-have is the proficiency in PowerShell. So if you won’t learn it, then someone else will, which might make you less qualified than your other competitors. 

7. Most GUIs Are Power Shell Front Ends

Microsoft is designing and developing many GUI interfaces for its different products, and the interesting thing is that most of them are PowerShell front ends. 

Exchange Management Console is the best example that you know. However, it might feel that this utility is a standard management tool, but it is made on top of PowerShell. 

No matter what function your start via GUI, it will create PowerShell code that finishes the task that has been requested.

Final Words

That’s why you should learn how to use PowerShell — talking about PowerShell, it’s a cross-platform task automation and configuration management framework.

With PowerShell, you will be able to automate and perform any task quickly for which you want to perform a few different options. 

If you are working in the corporate field, PowerShell is a scalable way to automate almost all the significant tasks on every Windows PC across a vast area network. 

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