Want To Bite A cake With Your Favourite Cartoon Character Design

Either it is a wedding, celebration party or birthday party, cake is a must present item for such occasions. Earlier plain cake or cakes with little designing were used but nowadays designed cakes are in, which look more yummy and add more colours to the party celebrations.

A number of designs are copied on cakes like a mario castle, pokemon, a computer, a play station, an iphone and many more, they are made with delicacy and it is difficult to differentiate either it is a cake or a real  thing. These colourful designs on cakes make them more yummy and mouth watering for the people. These cakes look irresistible to eat. Some designs are of someone’s favourite cartoon characters like pokemon, spiderman, angry bird. So, a fan of these must have a courage to bite their favourite cartoon character.

angry birds cake design

MACBOOK design cake


facebook design cookies

Starwars spaceship design cake

twitter design cookiesjpg_angry-birds-cake1

playstation desig cake

Zelda Twighlight Princess design cake

mario design wedding cake

iphone buttons design cake

Car design cake

Xbox design cake

superheros logo design pastries

normal lego design cake

ghostbusters design cake

walle and eve design cake

Pokemon design cake

gizmo design cake

Rubix Cube design cake

Spiderman design cake

So, which one do you want for your birthday?