Cigarette Butts Are Transformed Into Plants (Photo gallery)

A young industrial designer understands the hazards of the pollution produced by cigarette butts and has developed an ecological concept: planting a seed in a cigarette butt to grow a plant.

It is important to know that about 4.5 billion cigarettes are thrown into streets each year around the world. One cigarette has enough toxicity to pollute up to 500 liters of water . It will only take 12 years to completely pollute the nature.

In order to fight this danger to our streets, in 2007, the OzCollective partnered with designer Ben Forman to create biodegradable cigarettes containing plant seeds, called Cigg Seeds.  Once the cigarettes are thrown onto ground a plant grows out of them.

vos-megots-de-cigarettes-transformes-en-plantes-graces-a-des-semences1Cigarette Butts Are Transformed Into Plants 4



An amazing idea that will allow smokers to not feel guilty when they throw their cigarettes in nature. Our streets will change into huge flower gardens. However, this concept is not without risks: a cigarette may set off a fire. What do you think about this bio-concept of cigarettes?