island 04

Island-The futuristic tram with Social Distancing for Post COVID-19 World

As a result of coronovirus pandemic, the people now prefer personal transport over private transport. However, using private transport is not very good for the environment.

In order to address this problem, the Italian designer Andrea Ponti has presented a double decker tram, called Island, with provision for social distancing. This design incorporates many industrial and transportation innovations. These innovations are a result of 14 year of Ponti’s experience in the domain of industrial and product design. She has designed this tram for the congested city of Hong Kong.

Ponti wanted to design this tram since last many years, but could not do so due to lack of time. The pandemic gave her time and motivation to start this project. She tried to focus on how the post COVID world can be improved. It took her couple of months to design this futuristic and environment friendly tram.

This tram would be a valuable addition to the urban landscape of Hong Kong, as it has vast glass surface and rounded corners like the buildings of Hong Kong.

The tram is equipped with retractable connector to enable rapid recharging while the train waits at the tram stops.