Chromeville: Augmented Reality App Helps Children Bring To Life Their Paintings


An app Chromville has been developed that allows the children to bring to life their paintings using augmented reality. The app is available for both the Android and iOS devices, it is specially designed for the kids in the age of 5-12 years. We tell you more about this interesting app.

Painting is a great deal of fun and entertainment for the children. It is also very helpful in enhancing their creativity. Also, nowadays many kids spend a lot of time playing games on i-Pad. Keeping in view the above facts, an app Chromville has been developed that allows the children to give life to their painted characters using augmented reality. The app can be used with both the Android and iOS, and is specially designed for the kids in the age of 5-12 years. The game comes with the Template pages which can be 3D printed and then colored by the kids. These templates can also be downloaded from the internet.

The main idea of the game is that the characters are losing health due to fading of their colours. Children fill colours in the blank templates of characters. On the completion of colouring, they can be scanned using the tablet or smartphone. After scanning, the colored pages are recognized to give the characters a virtual life on the screen. The app makes exciting stories out of their creation. These characters can also be used in some other games. The painting book works on the same principle as Lego Fusion. Where the app can incorporate the kids’ physical construction.

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chromville app
Augumented reality can be used to convert drawings into virtual characters.
The app can help children develop stories as well as enhancing their creativity.
chromville painting app
The app comes with blank template of different charcaters that need to be coloured by the kids.
painting app
the app is available free of cost on the internet and can be used both with the iOS and Android.

The app is freely available on the web, accompanied by the blank templates to be coloured. The company has been planning to launch paid templates. The app is not only a fun for the kids but also enhances the story telling abilities in children. The app can also help in enhancing the quality of creative writing among the children particularly of the small age. For this purpose, a more advanced version of the app is needed.