You find your phone battery does not charge fast enough? Your troubles may soon be over. Researchers have developed a new battery which can be recharged from 0 to 70% in just two minutes! We introduce this battery of future that smartphone [...]

Scientists Have Found A Way To Recycle Tires Into Batteries-2

The American researchers have just accomplished the challenge of creating a power source from a used product. They have been able to design batteries using recycled tires. Indeed an awesome scientific discovery! This new scientific discovery by researchers at Oak [...]

Scientists Finally Discover Why Batteries Deteriorate With Time-

The more you charge and discharge the battery of an electronic device, the more it deteriorates. Everyone, knows this fact, however the explanation of this degradation has long remained a mystery. This is no longer the case now, as two joint [...]

Your Body Heat Can Now Power Your Portable Electrical Gadgets-

The latest Consumer Electric Show in Las Vegas was marked by the introduction of a new revolutionary battery that can power your wearable gadgets using the heat generated by the human body. This ecological system would hopefully able to recharge watches [...]

Within three years batteries May Be Powered By Sugar-1

It is a high time for our planet, as the scientific and researchers are trying to find non-polluting alternatives to existing sources of energy. A team of researchers has managed to make a battery with a sugar based solution. We [...]

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