The Elegant Architecture Of This Bookstore Will Surely Blow You Away -2

Lovers of books definitely like going to the elegant bookstores. A new example of such bookstore can be found in Bucharest, Romania. This new bookstore with its glossy looks would surely seduce the book lovers. In fact, this book store has [...]

Expert Japanese Carpenters Make Wooden buildings without Using Nails!-1

Even today, Japanese carpenters have preserved an ancient art by constructing wooden buildings without using a single nail. With their unparalleled precision, they assemble the beams and planks with perfection to build houses having durable perfection. We make you discover the [...]

Kremlevskaya station in Kazan, Russia-25 Most Beautiful Subway Stations Around The World (Photo Gallery)-17

Subway riders know well that their transit can sometimes prove to be the worst nightmare of at all times. To make this trip more enjoyable, some cities compete in imagination to give life to this fabulous underworld. We present 25 of [...]

The Architecture And Beauty Of Moscow's Metro System Will Surely Blow You Away-4

Moscow's Metro system is one of the most well known monuments from the Soviet era. The work on the construction of the Metro started in 1931 and it was completed in 1935. At that time it had one 6.8 miles [...]

Sharifi-Ha House, Tehran, Iran, The Rooms Of This Amazing House Can Be Rotated By 90 Degrees-5

Some architects do not hesitate come up with creative designs to make their buildings as useful as possible. This is particularly the case with this 3 story modular home: every part of this beautiful home has the ability to rotate [...]

New Thermochromic Furniture And Pots Change Color With Touch Of Your Skin-5

Imagine that your office furniture changes color at the touch of a hot cup of coffee? Designers have covered it with a layer of thermochromic paint that allows it to change its colour upon contact. We make you discover these amazing [...]

Visit The New Sparkling Coca-Cola Offices In London-

Coca-Cola launches its new office in London and its design pays tribute to the Coca-Cola Culture! We present to you its new London premises that do not lack originality. Discover them without delay :) Designed by architects at Morey Smith, the new Coca-Cola office in [...]

World's Top 6 Most Majestic And Beautiful Train Stations-9

When you want to board a train, waiting in the station is not necessarily the most exciting moment. However, in some stations this becomes a magical moment thanks to the beautiful architecture of the station building. We make you discover six [...]

Discover Magnificent Libraries Worldwide Containing Immense Wealth Of human knowledge-2

Libraries are the places associated with knowledge, learning and a tranquil environment. In addition to that, some libraries are housed in buildings with majestic architecture and a strong sense of aesthetics. We make you discover some libraries of such kind worldwide. In [...]

Top 14 Creepy Monuments Erected With Human Bones And Skulls-4

It may seem surprising to you but there are buildings which were built exclusively using human bones. These buildings, built mainly for the religious purposes, have made the human bones a part of the architectural style. The style may be [...]

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