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This is an amazing compilation of houses that are built hidden in nature. Such houses have many advantages. They always maintain their moderate temperature in all the seasons. A man can live in harmony with nature, away form the hastles of the [...]

An aurora (also known as aurora borealis in the northern hemisphere and aurora australis in the southern hemisphere) is a luminous display of colours in the night sky, predominatly of green colour. Auroras are caused by the interaction between the [...]

Our universe is a vast, amazing and wonderful place. Our solar system consists of Sun and eight planets revolving around Sun. Our earth is one such planet and moon revolves around earth. Moon has in fact fairly large size (it [...]

There is a saying that a picture  is worth more than a thousand words. With the advent of the cameras it was possible take photos. This enabled the documentation of history not only in the form of written words but [...]

The Logo is the most important representation of a company in the mind of a customer. Like everything else in this world the Logos have also evolved over time. Some of the logos are known worldwide e.g., KODAK, IBM, BMW etc. [...]

  A couple of South Carolina was doing its routine walk in the woods when it observed a strange phenomenon. A plant was swinging vigorously while there was no wind blowing. Jason Freeman and his wife were near the town [...]

A strange phenomenon happened during a concert by the folk group "Los Tekis" in Salta, Argentina. The concert was in full swing when suddenly a green light appeared in the sky. Slowly, the light began to intensify and finally took [...]

A fifteenth century monastery in the Black Forest in Germany

Throughout the history of the mankind, the human beings have always populated many new cities and places. Some cities grew more populated than the others because of their political importance or proximity to river and other resources. However, there were quite a [...]

With the development of 3D printers, now there is rush to develop user friendly software and hardware which can enable us to make 3D models for printing. In this context, the latest innovation brought by Matteform is a 3D scanner called "Photon". Photon is very [...]

This video presents some of the most beautiful pictures of earth taken from space using satellites. Here,  the time lapse photography has been used to visualize the evolving beauty of earth across day and night as well as different seasons.

  The type of clouds that we often see in the sky is Stratus, Cumulus, or Cirrus. However, one of the less common type of clouds is Lenticular.  Here we present 100 % original, amazing and untouched photos of this [...]

Sometimes, some photographers are lucky to be at the right place at the right time to take an amazing and bizarre photograph. Here fate seems to play an important role in guiding the photographers to such amazing timing.   Whether it [...]

If you are an amateur video maker who wants to make videos of night life in a garden or jungle then the night vision camera "CHOBi Cam Pro 3" might be the solution. Priced at just $54, it is small enough [...]

Photographer Martin Rietze, captures the intensity of a wonderful volcanic storm. When the volcano Sakurajima reached its full eruption, lightning descended on its boiling crater. Photographer  Martin Rietze  has made  taken beautiful photographs of the volcano Sakurajima. The volcano is located in the southern [...]

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