The Eruption Of A Volcano Accompanied By Strong Lightning

Volcanic eruption With Lightning

Photographer Martin Rietze, captures the intensity of a wonderful volcanic storm. When the volcano Sakurajima reached its full eruption, lightning descended on its boiling crater.

Photographer  Martin Rietze  has made  taken beautiful photographs of the volcano Sakurajima. The volcano is located in the southern Japanese city of Kyushu. The German photographer closely followed the active volcano from 21 to 26 February. This allowed him to take the intense and sublime pictures of volcanic activity. However, the most stunning thing occurred when there were a series of lightnings in the whirlwind of volcanic smoke.

The lighting followed by the explosive eruption of Lava gave the impression that there is a rain of fire. Images are also quite surreal. It is rare to see a volcanic storm of such intensity. The volcanic rain helps make these photos show truly unique.

Martin Rietze, who is specialized in volcanic photography, shows us the result of one of his finest work. He managed to capture these natural phenomena of lightning and volcanic eruptions, which occurred simultaneously. Lightning falls just above the crater. It looked as if lightning is attracted to the volcanic fire. Everyone who saw these photos admired this unique spectacle of fire storm.

According to the website  This is Colossal,  this show of lightning  lasted only for about 20 seconds. In this short time, the professional photographer was able to get impressive shots of this rare phenomenon.

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