This Ecological Billboard Produces The Drinking Water


In Lima, Peru a billboard is used to produce drinking water for the inhabitants. The system captures humidity and transforms it into water.

In Lima, Peru, researchers at the University of UTEC have collaborated with an advertising agency, Mayo DraftFCB , to develop a system that captures the air moisture to turn it into drinking water. This new invention  has already transformed the lives of people. In three months, more than 9450 litres of water were produced.

This device produces about 100 litres of water per day

At first glance, this looks like a normal advertising billboard. However, behind the  poster there is a device for transforming the air humidity to drinking water for residents. The humidity level of this region is particularly high, reaching 98% in the city.

The device installed uses an air filter, a condenser as well as a carbon filter. With this simple method, the researchers provide a solution to the problem of drinking water in the region. It is hoped that this device can benefit other villages and slums using same type of  billboards.

A new problem oriented perspective for the young engineers

The website Oddity Central  reports that in the capital of Peru alone, nearly 1.2 million people are short of water. These researchers thus provide a simple and economical solution to hundreds of families. At the bottom of this panel, a water tank and a tap enable residents to collect water directly from the source and use it. The water can then be used for drinking or other hygienic requirements.

This project is also meant to serve as inspiration for other young people to encourage them to enrol in university. So that, they may work in quest of specific solutions to improve everyday life.  “We want prospective students to know that how engineers can also address the daily social needs of the people in this kind of situation, “ said Alejandro Aponte, the advertising manager.