Two Researches Find A Way To Control Human Dreams


Two researchers in Brooklyn, New York, have invented an eye mask that can control human dreams. This mask controls the dreams during sleep by making the brain conscious that it is dreaming. 

While in the first glance it appear to be a standard sleeping mask, infact it is a special REM (Rapid Eye Movement) enhancing device that makes the brain of the sleeper aware that it is dreaming. This device is the result of the research of two scientists, Duncan Frazier and Steve McGuigan. They are the creators of the company Bitbanger Labs. Their goal is to enable people to dream of what they want , for example,  driving a racing car, having lunch with Abraham Lincoln etc. Inside of the mask, there are small red LED lights that are too weak to awaken the sleeper, but visible enough for brain to register their effect. There are two phases of human sleep REM and non-REM mode. The dreaming takes place during the REM mode. This device detects that REM mode of sleep characterized by rapid movement of eyes and activates the lights. The sleeper becomes aware of its sleep while dreaming as it sees three lights. Then sleeper can steer his dream in the way he wants, for example, playing a perfect golf came etc. 
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