The World’s Smallest Book That Naked Eye Cannot Read

The World Smallest Book

Toppan Printing is one of the biggest printing houses in Japan. On Wednesday, it presented a tiny illustrated book entitled “Seasonal Flowers”, whose characters are so microscopic that they are illegible to the naked eye.

The book has miniature square pages with dimensions not exceeding 0.75 mm per side. Earlier,  according to Guinness Book of World Records, a Russian Micro-Book with dimensions of 0.90 mm was recognized as the world’s smallest book. “The lowercase characters and illustrations of flowers are printed perfectly and you can see them with a magnifying glass,” said Toppan printer in a statement. 

Toppan Printing created this book using the same technology as used in money printers to prevent forgery. The letters in the book are just 0.01mm wide. Since 1964, Toppan printing has been involved in making micro books. The price of the book together with magnifying and a larger copy of the book is 29,400 yen. The book is put on display in Tokyo at Toppan’s printing museum.