Elementary students having fun playing online games on tablets Feature Image

In spite of being a firm believer of the widely acclaimed saying that, “Every generation must think several steps ahead of their previous generations”, we often fail to ensure this very progress in our classrooms. The present world is progressing [...]

video Conferencing solution for business

A video conference service can serve your business in a variety of ways, from conducting interviews to entire meetings entirely in a digital environment. There are hundreds of video conferencing services out there, as standalone programs or as additional features [...]

10 best tech startup logos in 2017 their analysis

Many bloggers are using Instagram as their online hangout place. As a result, they've created microblogs on the platform. It's a quick, easy way to reach a bunch of people at one time. However, is it the only way? Truthfully, [...]


According to recent research on internet usage, there are over half a billion websites that are accessible on the web. With this wide range of web pages out there, it is essential that you consider the different ways you can [...]

Top 10 Free Mobile Apps For Students To Better Organize Daily Life-

Everybody loves travelling to new places and seeing new things but when it comes to travelling for work, it is a whole new ballgame altogether. While there is definitely a pleasure involved, it also has a lot more than that. [...]

29 Ideas To Help You Recycle Your Glass Bottles Cleverly--26

Who has never disposed off empty glass bottles in dust bin? The DIY enthusiasts know: our debris can be processed surprisingly in everyday objects, or pretty decorations. And glass bottles are a particularly aesthetic and practical to furnish your home. [...]

45 Amazing Daily Use Objects For The Lovers Of Elephants-11

Animals are the Largest land mammal in the world and they fascinate many of us. This is certainly why designers do not lack imagination to ornate everyday items with the image of these pachyderms. The elephant lover can no longer [...]

This Amazing Luxury Hotel In Amsterdam Was Built In A Dockside crane-1

You would have seen many different types of hotel with innovative themes to attract the tourists by surprising them. However, Faralda Crane Hotel located in Amsterdam, Holland is unique as it has been built in a crane at the shipping dockyard. [...]

Discover The Abandoned Military Base Where Apple Wants To Test Its Secret Car-8

It has been recently reported that Apple is working on a self-driving car. Indeed, Apple would need to comprehensively test this car before the launch. This might be the reason why Apple has become interested in an abandoned military base near California. [...]

Stratolaunch: World's Largest Aircraft Would Soon Launch Satellites In Space-

Stratolaunch would make its first official flight in 2016 to become the world's largest functional aircraft. It is a project of the company Scaled Composites that is working on the development of the aircraft in the Mojave Air and Space [...]

12 Green Tree Houses Built Around The Trees Without Cutting Them-4

It is quite unfortunate that as the consequence of urban development more and more trees are being cut to make way for the man made infrastructures. There are architects who are seeking creative solutions to solve this issue by working [...]

Scrubba: A Portable Washing Machine For Backpackers-4

Backpackers and Travelers, who travel a lot, often have to make some tough decisions as they often have limited luggage carrying capacity. That is why, during the travel they often have to laundry a lot because of the limited number [...]

Enjoy Working On The Seaside By Launching Your Startup At A Beach-1

With Startup Villa, you will be able to launch your startup on a Moroccan beach, far from the hustle and bustle of Cities. May be future startup would be hatched at beaches.... While working together, it is quite important to [...]

Top 14 Mindblowing Wooden Buildings in US-12

Traditionally wood has been used to make elegant buildings. As of now, most of the buildings are made in wood, cement and concrete. Still, there are buildings made entirely in wood. They serve as a token of admiration for the [...]

A Low-Cost And Solar Powerd Cuff-Thermometer Designed By Japanese Engineers-1

A team of Tokyo University researchers have recently presented a flexible cuff-thermometer. Self-powered by a solar panel, it sounds an alarm when the patient"s temperature becomes too high. Made from organic components using an inkjet printer, this cheap and disposable product is [...]

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