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Geeks Make Great Entrepreneurs: Here’s Why

When you think of a geek the first thing that likely comes to mind is a nerdy, awkward social outcast who gets picked on. In fact, what you should be picturing is a successful entrepreneur. Geeks possess unique qualities that are well-suited to business and industry. Take a look at some of the reasons why geeks make great entrepreneurs.

Geeks are adventurous.

Geeks have broad imaginations and an infectious energy that’s perfect for an entrepreneurial work situation. They tend to be adventurous and aren’t afraid to try new things that haven’t been done before. Geeks are great at finding new methods, new ideas and new plans that can resolve any issue.

Geeks are great storytellers.

Have you ever listened to a geek recount a story and find your full attention is directed at what they say next? That’s because geeks are known to be great storytellers who can offer entertainment and education at the same time. They speak with passion and are great at clearly verbalizing their thoughts. Being able to communicate and engage your audience is a fundamental skill for an entrepreneur.

Geeks are hard workers.

Aside from academic achievement, many geeks aren’t used to things coming easily for them, which means they have a powerful drive to succeed. Geeks are often scholastically competitive, have a strong work ethic and have a knack for focusing and honing special skills. These are all great qualities in an entrepreneur, as getting a business off the ground takes dedicated focus, long work hours, and the ability to wear many hats and fill different roles.

Geeks rule at science and technology.

Most people associate geeks with having in-depth knowledge about all things science and technology, which tends to be accurate. Being different in the business world is a good thing—sometimes the more different is the better. Succeeding as an entrepreneur is about adapting to change through innovation and finding new ways of doing things better. It’s also about finding something you feel passionate about and turning into your life’s work. Many geeks are avid gamers and find success launching game companies or becoming game developers.

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Geeks are good with routines.

Becoming an entrepreneur takes a certain discipline. In the infancy stage of starting a business, you have to prioritize your time. This means working around the clock for days at a time, cutting out distractions and missing social events and activities. Social butterflies may not be well-suited for entrepreneurship if it means losing out on time with family and friends, but geeks might be because they tend to be naturally oriented toward routines.

Geeks flock together.

You need to have strong business connections to succeed as an entrepreneur. Geeks connect well with each other and tend to attract other geeks. The stronger your network the more your business will grow. Geeks make stronger entrepreneurial leaders because they have the right qualities to outshine the competition.

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Geeks understand the need for security

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Say what you want about geeks, but they can rule the entrepreneurial world without breaking a sweat.