The Literary Taste Of History's 4 Most Notorious Dictators-

History proves that Dictators are usually the admirers of atrocious and sordid literature. In spite that, we may still hope to find blobs of humanity in the literary taste of such personalities. To do so let us delve into the [...]

Sharbat Gul, Top 10 Iconic Historical Photographs

Of all the photographs of historical moments taken around the world, there are some that will forever remain etched in our memories. This is the case of these 13 photographs taken between the late 20th and early 21th century that have [...]

We want to take you on to the journey of discovery of 14 places that were built by man but were eventually abandoned. Mother Nature has reclaimed the man made concrete constructions. Rediscover these places in a different way! 1. Pripyat - [...]

An ancient city of the Mayan empire, in south eastern part of Mexico,  has been recently discovered with the help of  aerial photographs. This city covers an area of ​​22 hectares and is over a 1000 years old. Dubbed Chactun , meaning "red [...]

Better than a history lesson! Originally in black and white, the photographs of American war industry during WWII were posted on the Internet. After some time, to the surprise of many, internet users converted them into delightful colour photos. Normally, we do not [...]

old inventions from the past

A number of inventions were invented between the years 1920 and 1940. Some of the inventions failed but some also succeeded and became a part of the modern world like the GPS and first bulletproof glass. A number of ideas [...]

The construction of a new gigantic historical monument is always a challenging task for the construction workers and the engineers. First of all, all these monuments have been built for the first time without any existing models. Hence, making the [...]

An abandoned island in New York

This abandoned island was discovered when two photographer friends made a trip on kayak  and as a result reached North Brother, an island between Queens and the Bronx. This island has been deserted for decades. In 1885, a high security hospital [...]

Paris Of 1900s in Color

Imagine seeing the photos of Paris from year 1990? Can you believe that these were taken directly in colour using special techniques, that even before the era of World War 1. This is an incredible photographic heritage for the new [...]

Ancient Egypt is a period that is till shrouded in mystery and fantasy. The Nile Delta reveals the secrets of an underwater city nearly 1200 years after it was lost in meditteranean. 10 years after being discovered by the French [...]

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