Pocket Printer by Zuta Lab

World’s First Fully Functional Pocket Sized Printer By Zuta Labs

Making devices portable and modular is the essential demand for today’s world. Advancement in the technology has led to the small chip computers and handheld tablet PCs. This technological revolution has made everything smaller and portable. Who could think that one day printers will also be portable? Zuta lab has turned this into reality and has recently introduced a wireless portable printer. This is a tiny printing robot that is able to print out whatever you ask it to print. This robot reels over the paper to print out the desired text.

This is a rechargeable robot printer that can last for one hour with a printing speed of one minute per paper. A great revolution might be brought by this small sized Israeli printer. The Zuta lab is planning to commercialize the product by 2015 with the funding of KickStarter.  According to Zuta Labs, in case of the normal print machines, printing head moves from one end to other end of the page and there is a whole assembly to support this movement.  This new print machine is an effort to achieve the task without the assembly to support head motion.

Pocket Printer by Zuta Lab
With this Tiny Printer, You can Print While You are on the Move
pocket Printer
You may Print Whatever You Want with this Small Portable Pocket Printer
Small Printer can be instructed by Bluetooth
Tiny Printer can be Controlled via Bluetooth and can be Connected to the Smartphone and PC
Internal Structure of Zuta Lab Printer
Internal Structure of Zuta Lab Small Protable Printer

As everything is getting connected with smartphone and PCs, so same is the case with this robot printer which can be connected with both. Paper size does not matter in this case; you can print any size paper. A moving flap is attached what makes it moveable. Its working is too easy to understand; its an inkjet printer. Reels underneath make it move across the paper while printing out the required text. To run the printer accurately, an omni wheel system is used. The printing command is sent uing Bluetooth form the smartphone. It comes in two colors black and white. It is made of polycarbonate.

Pocket printer to be commercialized in 2015
Zuta Lab in Isreal is going to commercialize Pocket printer by the end of 2015
Zuta Lab Printer Colors
These Printers Made of Polycarbonate Available in Two Colors

This pocket printer has the ability to revolutionize the printing facilities in the world. On the move, you can print out whatever you want; you just need one paper and small printer. Portability and small size are its amazing features. Let’s hope soon this technology might be available for the general public.