Parts of Fly Factory

Will The Food Dishes Made From Insects Appeal European Taste?

An interesting news from Iceland, a student named Bjarmar Aoalsteinsson has recently created a variety of delicious meals from insects.  He made many people taste these meals who were intrigued by the taste of these meals. However, not all were willing to try these meals.  These meals have been prepared using liquefied insects blended together. For this purpose, the intelligent graduate has made a fly factory. The factory is basically designed to breed the larvae of insects first and then prepare them for human meals. He has prepared coconut chocolate dessert and pate from larvae and liquefied insects.

Actually the genius graduate took the idea from US report on food scarcity, presented in 2013. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) gave the idea of edible insects and the report reveals in detail the use of insects to overcome the food shortages in the world. The effort of Bjarmar is just to put the idea of insects’ food into practicality in order to solve the problem of food shortage. He then got some place in Icelandic Academy of Arts and started his kitchen and fly factory.


Icelander graduate insect food
A graduate from Iceland has recently made meals from insects

Insect Liquefied food

Fly Factory
Student got inspiration from US’s report on food scarcity presented in 2013

Parts of Fly Factory

There are three areas in the factory of Bjarmar, the main area of the factory houses the larvae which are then harvested and cooked in an oven before being liquefied. Finally they are blended with flavors to make delicious food. In the first part of the factory the larvae faeces are used as fertilizer for plants. According to Bjarmar, the idea of insect food will surely inspire the western taste. The most interesting fact about this technique is its zero waste which makes it ideal for solution to food shortage problems.

Fly Factory
In the harvesting section of the factory, larvae are cooked in an oven before liquefying them. Finally they are blended with flavors to make delicious food

According to his website, “To my surprise, most of the visitors were very intrigued, especially the children, One four-year-old-girl insisted upon getting a pet fly to take home.” He added, “It is very probable that elements of the project will be developed for further production in an industrial setting.” He admitted that a plenty of people were taking interest in the project but only few of them were ready to taste them. He thinks the waste-less fact of the project may click the people’s mind and they would start re-thinking about insect food.