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Top 5 Trending Technologies to Learn in 2020

As the new decade begins, technology continues to improve. Various technologies, such as AI, are becoming more and more mainstream as they get incorporated into our daily lives. Business solutions are also getting easier with advanced technology support with edge computing. 

The technology industry is looking at promising figures in terms of profits this decade too, so it’s a win-win on both sides. In every way, learning one of these technologies is the best strategy for 2020. While it doesn’t promise to be as easy as learning how to write a report type assignment, it sure is worth the effort.

Below we highlight the 5 best technologies to learn in 2020.


When a type of technology is relied on by companies ranging from Netflix and Uber to Google and Amazon for purposes such as seamless automation of processes, it deserves to be given more attention. DevOps is a major technology that has been around for years. 

In 2020, experts note that it will look more toward incorporating server-less architecture, which is expected to help companies boost profits while spending less time on tasks. 

The DevOps market is a growing one, and markets are expected to grow steadily through 2022. You would be looking at a salary of $111k if you studied this technology and became an expert.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is not just a trending technology; it is a truly big deal. Machine learning is the reason companies now find it easy to derive answers from big data. With its deep learning sub-section, it has further proven to be the expert-only field that cannot be overlooked. 

The market for machine learning solutions is now estimated to be as big as #2 trillion. Many major companies are already running the machine learning field, including heavyweights like IBM, Google and Salesforce. 

Start-ups are also making headway in the field. Both hired new engineers across 2019 and the demand is expected to increase, with salaries in the $120k median range.


Streaming is the new big deal, thanks to Netflix and Hulu. And the best technology to create and run video streaming apps right now is angular technology. Angular is not for video streaming apps only; it works perfectly when building travel apps and other content-rich websites. 

Angular works by simplifying the UI building process and is already growing more popular among developers. The website market share for Angular-developed websites is also growing steadily. 

Because it is relatively new, angular technology is expected to rise in demand. Starting salaries for angular developers are already estimated at just south of $179k. There is no more thrilling technology to get attached to this.

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Edge Computing

Edge computing has been helping massive corporations and small businesses alike handle network latency, manage AI requirements and make operations seamless. Companies using edge computing continue to report amazing grosses year after year. 

As a technology, edge computing has been developing for a while. But in 2020, it is poised to become even bigger. With promising market figures as juicy as $28bn by 2025, edge computing is a smart train to board. 

You’ll be looking at salaries in the $100k to $123k range or even more. Job demand is expected to rise as more start-ups come up within the edge computing space with unique visions.

Virtual reality 

There is no question about how impactful virtual technology was in 2019. From the market successes of Oculus’ Rift (and its competitors from Samsung and Google) and the adoption of VR by the US Navy and the US Army, it was an upward climb in the popularity of the technology across the globe. 

In 2020, virtual reality is one of the best technologies to study and become an expert in. Job demand in the VR field is expected to grow as major players Facebook and Google get competition from new VR start-ups with billions of dollars in funding. Salaries in the VR field have a minimum of $75k per year.

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There is no better time to get involved in these trending technologies than now. Finding good technology classes is easier than ever with the internet-based schools like Khan Academy. One issue students worry about is the assignments given in each technology course. 

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