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8 tips to get a job in the best IT companies of the world

Getting work in one of the world’s most important IT companies such as Amazon, Facebook or Google is not an impossible challenge. It is something reserved for few, but it is available to anyone who is dedicated and strives to achieve it. 

Recruitment processes are usually very similar. As a first step, there is a telephonic interview with HR. To get to know you, validate your language skills and some knowledge (and never neglect your technical part, you can be asked some basic questions). Then, an interview with a technical manager and a Coding exam, on some shared remote screen, to see your technical skills in the face of development problems. 

If you pass this first stage many companies are willing to pay a ticket to one of their offices and meet you personally. You can be interviewed by upto 5 different persons. Be prepared beforehand in case you reach this stage and you should have the necessary documentation to travel to the country you are applying.

I share a series of tips that will help you to be successful in the selection process of these IT companies.

1. Fail First

It is very likely that the first your first try is not going to be successful one, That is why it is important that your first try is not with the company you are dreaming to get hired. Learn from mistakes , and then apply to the companies you value most.

2. Prepare an impacting CV

Your cv has to be attractive to get contacted. Study the Google searches related to the job that you are applying. Review the terms they use, how they mention technologies and skills, and adapt your cv to be consistent with these terms. Then study about those terms, since they will ask you about what you say in your CV.

3. Tell your story

Prepare in advance the story that you are going to tell about who you are, what challenges you faced in life, and how you overcame those challenges. It is a basic thing that if you cannot answer, you will drop out of the hiring process very early. 

4. Study the company

Study the company you want to enter. What they do, what projects they do, their main defects and their competencies. Show this knowledge, how you would contribute to the growth of the company, and why it would be important for the company to hire you. 

5. Train yourself for the technical part

Solving the technical part of the interviews requires preparation and training. You have to sharpen the knowledge of data structures and IT systems (do not forget to resort to books if necessary).

6. Recreate the exam situation

The interviews will be in English, on a blank board, without a computer. Recreate this situation as many times as necessary until you feel totally comfortable. Use a family member or friend to recreate this scenario.

7. Warm-up

The day you go for an exam, take the time to quickly review the most basic things and practice. It is important to wake up neurons, gain confidence , and sharpen your ability to the point. 

8. Ask, ask and ask

It is important that you not only wait for the company to know and evaluate you, but you also have to be able to decide if that company is a right place for you or not. Ask all that is necessary to get to know the company, its culture, work environment.