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Top 5 Gadgets for Linguistics Students

Linguistics majors learn an interesting aspect of human nature: the way they communicate. This doesn’t just include the words they say, but where they come from, how they’re structured, and more.

Just like any other students, though, there are tools that can be helpful to their studies. For instance, writing services can help a student assigned to write an expository essay. There are also a variety of gadgets that students can carry with them to make college life a little easier.

1. Grammar Applications

Linguistics majors are often faced with writing assignments. This means that grammar errors can play a large role in effecting a student’s grade. Luckily, there are a number of grammar applications that can help students improve their writing.

The features of grammar applications vary from software to software. They usually include common errors such as comma placement, misspellings, and even misuse of words. Some will also look at more in-depth discrepancies such as passive voice or genre-specific suggestions.

Tools like these are a great help to linguistics students as one would make sure students don’t slip up on the rules of language.

2. Foldable Keyboard

Thanks to the mobility of technology nowadays, students don’t have to lug around as much stuff as they once did. Textbooks are available online, notes can be typed – all in all, pretty much everything is digital.

With a foldable keyboard, even bulkier electronics such as laptops can be ditched as well.

These keyboards are lightweight, thin, and easy to carry around. They also often connect to almost anything from smartphones to tablets. This means that the bookbag you tote around campus can get even lighter.

3. Evernote Smart Notebook

Some professors allow electronics in their lectures and some don’t. If you have a mix of handwritten and typed notes, it can be hard to keep track. Not to mention, if you spill water on a notebook, it could be a terrifying moment.

With the Evernote Smart Notebook, individuals can take pictures of notes and upload them to Evernote. The software even allows them to search for words to find the subject matter they’re looking for quickly. It even comes with smart stickers that can bookmark and organize content as well.

By purchasing this handy gadget, the user even gets 3 free months of Evernote Premium.

4. Philips Wake-Up Light

After studying all night, the last thing that’s going to someone ready for the day is a blaring alarm. An effective alternative is the Philips Wake-Up Light.

This alarm gradually brightens the room as it gets close to time to get up. This offers a gentle wake-up rather than being jolted out of a deep sleep. This helps students wake up naturally which helps them to be less groggy and feel more rested.

5. External Hard Drive

Last but not least, it’s a good idea to invest in a hard drive. In the modern age, most of your work will be on an electronic device. This might be a laptop full of essays or a tablet full of notes. Either way, losing everything on a device can be devastating.

An external hard drive is basically a super-sized USB. It allows a user to back up entire devices onto a separate system. This way, they can worry less about what happens if they lose all their files in their original location. They’re easy to use and let students rest easy knowing they have a little extra security.


With tools like these, students are set up for success. You can use these to make college life just a little bit easier to manage.