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Six Apps Which Are Absolutely Indispensable for A Business Traveler

Everybody loves travelling to new places and seeing new things but when it comes to travelling for work, it is a whole new ballgame altogether. While there is definitely a pleasure involved, it also has a lot more than that. For example, if you are travelling to India for a business deal, from getting your indien visum planning the work, to staying organized, to keeping in touch with your people back at home and in the business destination, you need to manage everything without getting much time to unwind or settle it. A business travellers has certain specific travel needs and here are some apps to help you travel better.


Jet lag is a huge problem when it comes to travelling but for a business travellers you cannot sit back and wait for it to pass because you have important business to attend to. It can be an even bigger problem if your work needs you to travel regularly. In order to manage jet lag better you can make use of the app Timeshifter. Simply input your habits and travel plans for the best jet lag beating options.


If you are a business traveller who needs to travel frequently TripIt is the best app to organise your travel plans and reservations to create a master itinerary which. You can sync it up with your calendar to have a handy ready reckoner of your trips as and when you need. This is of great use when you need to travel for your work regularly because every single travel date is mentioned by your calendar, thus you can plan your meetings and work according to the travel itinerary much more efficiently using this app.


This app helps you learn basic and essential phases and words from various languages which can come extremely handy if you have to travel to different countries. Even if you learn a simple greeting or two, it creates a good impression with your foreign business associates, and helps you create a communication channel better. It also helps you navigate better, understand your restaurant menu, transport stations etc. in an unknown country.


Concur is an extremely helpful app which offers you a number of useful solutions related to business travel, invoice and expenses. You can simply take pictures of your invoice and bills and upload it to keep a track of all expenses and reimbursements as and when you need the records. This is of great help as it also helps you understand and budget your expenditure better during your business trips.

Oanda Currency Converter

have all your currency conversion needs handy with this nifty conversion app which gives you the current conversion rates whenever you need.


Sleep through all the sound around you, be it at a noisy airport or in a room next to a family with kids with this app which produces a series of white noise which helps you sleep better.

For business travelers, finding suitable accommodation can be a time-consuming and challenging process. To save time, they can now use Cozycozy rental app, which is an all-in-one vacation application that simplifies the search and booking process. With its extensive database of properties worldwide, including apartments, houses, cottages, hotels, Airbnb, and more, the app provides business travelers with an excellent selection of accommodations to choose from. Its user-friendly interface and real-time availability and pricing information ensure a seamless booking experience for busy professionals on the go. Overall, is an ideal choice for business travelers looking for convenient and hassle-free accommodation solutions.