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Top 4 Personal Transportation Gadgets That Let Adults Commute Efficiently

A recent report by Vynz Research shows that the global micro-mobility market size value was 3.1 billion in 2018. It is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 17% during the forecast period 2019-2024, according to GlobeNewswire. As cities become more congested, commuters are looking for new methods to commute in the attempt of reducing traffic congestion and air pollution.

Fortunately, technology is enhancing the way we travel by providing advanced mobility gadgets. For anyone looking for a sustainable way to commute, there are plenty of options such as walk wings-roller skates with retractable wheels

Electric Bicycles

With an electric bike, you can ride up to 100 miles per hour, which is why it is efficient for daily commutes to and from work. Unlike conventional versions, physical inconvenience, incline, and wind are no longer obstacles when cycling. In addition, the advanced tech features of electric bikes make them suitable for anyone to use, even their elder years. 

Electric bikes have an electric assistance feature that enables the elderly to cycle with ease. If you want a hassle-free mode of parking or storage, some models are foldable. Others also have both pedal-assist sensors and conversion kits. 

Electric Scooter

Commuters looking for convenient rides and stress-free parking are turning to electric scooters for various reasons. Aside from convenience, buying an electric scooter designed for adults come with a variety of innovative features. These include handlebars and hand brakes that help you maintain balance with less effort. There are also foldable e-scooter models for secure storage in the workplace and at home. 

Other  reasons for investing in an electric scooter include affordability, durable battery pack, comfort, and easy to use. They also have an average speed of 20 miles per hour and are environmentally friendly.  

Self-balancing Unicycle

A self-balancing electric unicycle is one of the most portable personal transportation gadgets out there. This mobility device has large, yet lightweight wheels that make commuting easy on any terrain. They also have a powerful motor for easy navigation on rough roads and more braking power to enhance safety. 
You can ride a self-balancing unicycle on yards, rocky streets, and over potholes. Depending on your transportation needs, you can choose wheel sizes ranging from 12 to 16 inches. However, there are larger wheel sizes available in the market. 

Electric Skateboards

Compared to the traditional skateboard, electric skateboards feature self-powered longboards that allow you to dash down the road quickly. With e-boards, you will enjoy a fun and cool ride that comes at a high speed of up to 22 mph, expandable battery, and wireless hand control. Some electric-powered boards have an external battery and motor mounted underneath. For commuters looking for a discreet battery-powered cruise, there are models with batteries fixed directly in the wheels.  

Personal transportation gadgets are great for various purposes. You can ride an e-bike, electric scooter, electric board, self-balancing unicycle, or hoverboard to and from work, school, and wherever else you need to go.