Top 15 Dogs Who Bite Humans But Do Not Take A Piece Out Of Their Body

Men takes dogs as their best friend but in reality it is not like that, friend don’t take a violent revenge when you tease them. In the case of dog if you tease them by pulling their tail, they will attack you in reaction. The dogs with fluffy fur, innocent face and short height have such appearance that people cannot even imagine that they could attack them. In reality, this is their misconception as the dogs do bite as it is revealed from the research conducted by a French Institution of Health. They have studied 480 cases of dog bites in France and tried to find which dog has what percentage of biting. Who is the most dangerous dog? the research couldn’t answered this question.


  1. The German Shepherd Dog : 10% of bites.
    The German Shepherd Dog
  2. Labrador 9% of bites.
  3. The Jack Russell : 6% of bites.
    The Jack Russell
  4. The Beauceron : 3% of bites.
    The Beauceron
  5. The Border Collie : 3% of bites.
    The Border Collie
  6. The Boxer : 3% of bites.
    The Boxer
  7. The Rottweiler : 3% of bites.
    The Rottweiler
  8. The Belgian Shepherd : 3% of bites.
    The Belgian Shepherd
  9. The Braque : 2% of bites.
    The Braque
  10. Cocker : 2% of bites.
  11. Husky : 2% of bites.
  12. Pitt Bull : 2% of bites.
    Pitt Bull
  13. The Dachshund : 2% of bites.
    The Dachshund
  14. The Spaniel : 2% of bites.
    The Spanie
  15. Yorkshire : 2% of bites.