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Top 14 professions expected to be in demand in 2019

What top professions will be in great demand in 2019? Whether you are a graduate or a specialist looking for a career change, our list of promising jobs in the near future will come in handy.

Top professions in 2019: General tendencies

Vocational orientation has the highest value for us as social beings and individuals. It is indeed vital to choose a suitable profession that will be both morally satisfying and financially rewarding. Many people may get lost on their career path, and it is completely natural and understandable. Whether you are a newly minted graduate or a specialist seeking for a new turn in your professional life, or a competent worker who wants to change his/her job, it is crucial to keep your finger on the pulse of the labor market tendencies and predictions. Although the latter changes really fast, the common trends remain relatively the same.
It is almost 2019, and a new year certainly brings new possibilities for professional development. Several industries continue to experience considerable growth as scientific and technological progress goes on. Some specialties may undergo certain modification adapting to the demands of the modern world, and some will remain practically the same.
So, what does the future holds? What are the top professions in 2019 that you should pay attention to?

Top 14 professions in 2019: Areas of activity and occupations

The following occupations and fields of activity, in general, will experience an upsurge during the next year:

1. Technical direction.

IT specialist. Every year the need for well-qualified IT workers increases exponentially. Skilled specialists are primarily required for the introduction of the digital economy and other equally important areas. Based on the existing demand, this trend will remain in the nearest future.
Web-designer. Having your own website today is not a whim but an ordinary necessity. Interactive web pages provide a decent level of competition for any company. Therefore, experts in the field of website development and support are highly popular and in the most significant demand as ever.
Engineer. The engineering profession is a key one for the manufacturing industry of any advanced country. Industrial production just won’t do without qualified engineers. Thus this one of the top professions in 2019.
Architect. The basis of the economic stability of every state is the construction sector. In the medium term, the volume of construction work is expected to increase, and therefore quality construction design from skillful architects are valued greatly.

2. Healthcare industry.

Biotechnologist. Biology is the science of life, and its study with the use of the latest technologies will help to discover the crucial information about various diseases and methods of their treatment.
Microbiologist. The more bacteria and viruses appear in our world – the more urgent becomes the issue of microbiology importance. A specialty in the area of this science represents one of the top professions in 2019.
Nurse practitioner. The health sector develops considerably from year to year. Medical practitioners such as doctors and nurses are in the high demand since health problems, unfortunately, are familiar to everyone.
Physiotherapist. Some people experience severe injuries, which result in motor impairment and incapability. A couple of years ago, there was a lack of qualified physiotherapy workers. That is why the specialty of physical therapist becomes more and more popular in the health care sector.

3. Company development sector.

Project manager. Design and execution of projects help companies to evolve and become highly competitive. With the help of the designated area, innovative technologies are applied to improve the company’s existing strategy.
Risk manager. In the current realities of ever-changing market factors, timely response from those engaged in big business is vital. Regarding company development aspect, the right decision depends on an accurate risk assessment provided by risk-managers, one of the top professions in 2019.
Business analyst. Analytical abilities are critical for any individual, let alone a professional in a particular field. Due to the ever-increasing complexity of professional business processes, entrepreneurs often face additional losses. The designated specialist in the area of business analytics can enhance the existing process and ensure the implementation of a new, more profitable direction.

4. Marketing, sales, and PR.

Marketer. Competition in the sales market reaches a tipping point. Hence, it is understandable that under such conditions, marketing activities develop rapidly. Professionals in this sphere provide the company with the desired level of sales, ensuring to maintain the existing market share. The position of a marketer is also included in the list of top professions in 2019.
Sales manager. Business, no matter how successful it is, depends directly on sales. It is thanks to the sales management specialists that the necessary level of product sales is provided, and thus the demand for them will never be exhausted.
PR-specialist. The image of any company holds obvious importance. The hallmark of an enterprise can highlight it beneficially among numerous competitors. The activity of the public relations workers unquestionably adds to the company’s achievement of the desired level of growth and development.
The top professions in 2019 include somewhat familiar yet inexplicably needful occupations. However, this list doesn’t exclude other important jobs like, for instance, a teaching profession. We at Preply, an online education platform with over 6-year experience and the impressive level of customer satisfaction truly understand the significance of this profession and the impact it has on our society. Join our welcoming family, and perhaps you will find your life vocation!