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The Complete Communications Tool Kit for the Freshly Relocated Family

Moving house can be stressful, and we’re not just talking about the physical act of relocating. Although lugging furniture back and forth and packing your life into boxes and bin liners is undoubtedly arduous, there’s even more to do once you actually get in. From changing your address with the bank to sending your driving licence away to be updated, there’s a myriad of little things you need to think about – and some not so little ones too.

We’re talking, of course, about your communications: your television, broadband, home phone, and so on. You can’t live without them, so here’s what you’ll need and where to find them.

Home phone

In our 21st century world, there’s certainly an argument that you can live without a home phone, so this one is pretty much down to personal preference. That said, you’ll find lots of broadband providers include them as standard in their packages, and also that plenty of people take them up on this offer. So, assuming you want one, where do you need to look? There are lots of different providers to pick from, and it’s possible to secure phone services either as a stand-alone item or as part of a bundled deal. Price comparison sites are your best bet for assessing your options, and there are also websites like TrustPilot to give you honest reviews on the quality of service individual companies offer.


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It’s a given you’re going to need Wi-Fi in your home, and quite possibly a virtual private network (VPN) to use alongside it too. The latter will not be necessary for everyone, but for those who want to browse the web truly anonymously or like to download, we’d say finding the best VPN for torrenting is essential.

Let’s start with your broadband. Discovering the right broadband package is much like discovering the perfect phone service, which is something we’ve already discussed above. You should find it’s easy to look online for comparisons, recommendations and reviews, and that there’s a wealth of information out there to guide your decision-making.

Choosing a VPN can be a bit trickier. For most, the purpose of these private networks is to allow access to the many torrent sites that have been blocked. They help make sure users are protected from copyright censors, viruses, and hackers, but also that they can view the content on these sites to begin with. Given that VPNs are paid services, you’ll want something that ticks all of these boxes and is wroth your trust, and this is where sites like Best Online Reviews will come in handy. Use them wisely to find the right network for you.

Cable TV

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If there’s one other thing you won’t be able to manage without, its cable TV, and this needs to be chosen very carefully to make sure it fits the bill. The best place to start is the way we’ve already outlined: with price comparison sites and reviews. That said, you’ll need to pay a little more attention here than you did with your phone service or even broadband, and that’s because packages vary so widely. Have a good think about the channels you want, make sure you find a set-up that suits all your requirements, and only then take cost into account.

Get these three essentials installed, and you’ll be all set to settle down into your new life.