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The Basic Principles of Writing an Excellent Essay

Once you get into high school, your tutors will start giving you writing assignments such as coursework and essays. These assignments will contribute to the grade you get at the end of the semester. Learning how to write better essays will help you to get a good grade. The following basic principles will help you grow your writing skills.

Choose a topic

In some instances, tutors will give you the topic you should write on. But as you continue to advance in your education, they will give you the freedom to choose the topics. You should choose a topic that is relevant to the content you are planning to write about. Ensure that the topic you are comfortable with the topic you choose. Do not settle for a topic that is beyond your writing capabilities. You can also buy already written essays online. The essay s are of the highest quality. This is because the writers who work on them are professionals in what they do.

Carry out Research

Research is an important part of writing an excellent essay. It takes a huge chunk of your time because you will have to find quality content for your paper. To do in-depth research, go to the library and read through books and any other resources you can get your hands on. Ensure you have a notepad with you to write all the important points that you will use in your paper. The main importance of research is to ensure that you come up with content that you can support with credible evidence. Do not use content that you cannot verify the source.

After carrying out your research, the next step is to organize the points in a manner that you can use in your writing. This step will help you to write a great essay. Ensure that you include all the strong points in your plan. After doing this, write a rough draft that incorporates all your points. Read through the draft and see if it makes sense. Make necessary improvements on the draft and then move on to the next step.

Writing Essay Introduction

After writing the topic of your essay, the next part is the introduction. The introduction occupies the first paragraph of the essay. It is a small part that carries a lot of importance in an essay. The first sentence should captivate the attention of the reader so that they may get the interest of reading the essay to the end. This may sound easy, but it is not. You should use the first paragraph to let the reader know what the essay is all about. You can use a short, significant quote at the start of the paragraph. This quote should be relevant to the rest of the content. Make sure to include your thesis statement in this part. The statement should be both convincing and charming. Let it motivate people to read the whole essay paragraph by paragraph.

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The Body

This is the main part of an essay. It is the only part that is common in all forms of essays. It is the longest part of the essay and some people find it to be boring. The body may contain between 3 and 5 paragraphs depending on the type of essay and the word count. The body carries the main arguments of an essay. You should develop the arguments of your essay in this part of the essay. Make sure to use keywords well to emphasize what you are writing on and support this with the relevant evidence. You should also consider the following:

  • Use correct grammar and spelling.
  • Use the correct writing format.
  • Use the correct punctuation.

Do not squeeze a lot of information in the body. Only include your strong arguments and evidence. Avoid using long sentences and make sure that your essay flows from one paragraph to the other. You do not have to strain yourself with all these work, writing service from Canada can do the job for you.

Write the Conclusion

Before you put your pen down, you have to write the conclusion. This is the last part of an essay. Most students think that the conclusion has less importance than the other parts. That is not true. It is only in the conclusion where you can summarize the content of your essay. You restate the major points that you have in the body. You should also remember to mention the thesis statement in the conclusion. After writing the conclusion, read through your paper twice or thrice. Proofreading ensures that there are no spelling mistakes or any grammatical errors.

Most people find essay writing hard and boring, this should not be the case. You can enjoy writing your own essays if you follow the above tips. Use the tips as a step to step essay writing guide. Do not skip any step, choose a topic, carry out your research and then write your essay. Do not hesitate to seek help from writing services if you are still having trouble with your essay.

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