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What Foods Do You Need To Eat For More Successful Studies?

Food is one thing which makes everyone happy. There is no individual in the world who would proclaim that they do not like eating good food. In an ideal world, food is your basic necessity for survival. Nonetheless, food plays a huge role in your life than just survival. Consuming a good diet can alter your moods, your health, as well as your life. And to know which foods are healthy and good for your well-being, buy custom essays online and find out what professional writers recommend you to consume.

Why is proper nutrition important for the brain?

Many college and university students dread the final weeks of their academic years. This is because it is the time of the year when their grades matter the most. The majority go through various stages of revision without procrastination. However, during this vital period, most students make the mistake of eating in a poor and unhealthy manner. Many of them eat junk foods, crisps, a lot of chocolate, and energy drinks to boost their energy levels.

Contrariwise, little do you know that this can not only harm your long-term health but also affect your exam performance in a negative manner. So, it is crucial that you consume healthy foods if you want to live a long life and get to perform well in your exams. If you do not know how to go about it, seek professional assistance from cv writing service at ResumeThatWorks. This writing service can provide you with a template on the types of foods you need to it and their benefits. Also, below are some foods you need to eat for successful studies.

Green tea

Many studies reveal that people who drink coffee are happy and successful than those who opt to drink tea. Caffeine can be useful in a successful exam performance on a short-term basis. However, you should not fall into the temptation of nauseating energy drinks. Coffee can act as a good substitute. However, you need to be vigilant when consuming it. Drinking too much coffee can hinder your ability to focus well. And depending on it will increase fatigue in the long-run. An ideal alternative for good study food is green tea. Green tea provides antioxidants and it also enhances your concentration.

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Fresh juice

Fresh juice is also good for successful studies. It boosts your sugar levels as it comes from fresh fruits which have sugars that occur in a natural manner. Dark fruits such as blueberries can make good fresh juice. They contain more antioxidants. Nonetheless, you can feel these benefits from consuming any fresh juice whether it is a slice of melon, an orange, a mango, or a banana.


Chocolate is an ideal brain food for exams. It provides the brain with numerous health benefits. Dark chocolate increases your memory and learning capability. Research shows that there is a possible affiliation of neuro-electric activities which instigate or initiate the mechanisms of chocolate’s beneficial effects on your mood and behavior, memory, brain intellect and reasoning, recall, and synchronization.

Consuming dark chocolate is also beneficial in that it promotes a healthy heart, reduces stress, prevents diabetes, and promotes a healthy heart. Hence, people should not presume that other individuals only consume chocolate because of its good taste.


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Eggs is one of the best food for studying. Despite being among the most versatile foods all over the world, eggs, whether you fry, poach, or boil them, are ideal and healthy foods for the brain. They contain powerful nutrients which promote a healthy brain as well as enhancing your performance. Consuming eggs is a good way to start your day. Additionally, you are more apt to feel full in comparison to pastries and cereals. Eggs contain a fundamental nutrient for the body – rich source of choline, which enhances your performance when you consume them (eggs). According to studies, consuming diets rich in choline assists in better performance and a sharper memory.

In conclusion, when the final weeks of your academic year approach, you do not need to be in a stressful or tense mood. Studying for your exams may be a bit challenging as you encounter difficulties trying to comprehend what you are reading. A huge factor which may contribute to this is the type of food you consume. Eating some foods such as junks, crisps, and energy drinks, may affect your concentration levels thereby inhibiting you from understanding anything. However, you can choose to eat healthy so that you lead a long life and increase your memory. Some of the best foods to eat for successful studies are eggs, chocolate, and green tea among others. But, you need to ensure you know the best food to eat before a rest such as fresh fruits so that it does not affect how you wake up. So, do not feel like you cannot boost your academic performance yet you can do so by altering your unhealthy diet.

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