The 22 Most Extraordinary Pictures Taken With Perfect Timing

Baseball bat in the air hit on a man face

Pictues taken coincidently sometimes result in extraordinary situations that even photographer wouldn’t have imagined. The photographer are often admired for capturing such scenes in the eye of the camera. However, mostly such unbelievable events occur in a fraction of seconds and its very diffcult to capture such scenes so rapidly by just a click, as even pressing the camera button to take photo takes several seconds.  So these pictures are the   result of coincidence and it couldn’t be said that it is all because of the expertise of man behind camera. Go through these stunning photos and amuse yourself by these amazing shots.

seems as statue is trying to hol a paln in the air

Basketball players trying to snatch ball

Plane going up in the sky in  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Bird taking away ice-cream  from  a man
Football players snatching ball from one another
a view of jet through joined buildings
Seems as smoke coming out of  hawk
pigeon over a man head

Boy hit the pole on the cycle

A big hand pointing a man

A cat face over a man body

seems like lady standing over a fllying carpet

Sharp approaching its prey


grasshopper seems as ridiing over a plant cycle

bird takeoff

seems as smoke coming out of statue flute

look like dog face over human body

statues holding hammer

seems as moon is hang through a crane

soldiers standing in queue

cat face on a cereal