Spire: A Gadget That Predicts Your Mood By Monitoring Breath Pattern

Spire to monitor breath

Spire is a new gadget that monitors every breath you take. Spire is not only able to let you know how exactly you are feeling but also tell you how many steps you have taken. Spire communicates directly with the associated smartphone app.

Currently, there are many gadgets in the market that track your heart beat or vital signs and help you keep your fat and sugar level under control. But a new gadget has been introduced that can monitor every breath you take. The newly developed gadget is called Spire and can be hooked with your pant where it monitors the body movements. It does not make use of the chemical composition of your breath. It can communicate with you via app which tells you how you are feeling. It is really small, handy and can be hooked easily.

Spire to monitor breath
Spire is a newly developed gadget that lets you know how exactly you are feeling now.
spire charging pad
Spire evaluates your breath to evaluate your state of mind

It is being claimed that the Spire is the first gadget that can even tell you how much steps have you taken. The most fascinating and impressive characteristic of the gadget is its ability to monitor the patterns of the breath you take efficiently. This is the main focus of the scientists who have developed it. Through the patterns measured, you can get the idea how someone is feeling either relaxed, tensed, focused or so on.

spire breath app
It monitors the breath patterns which are directly related to your mood and state of mind.

The fact used by the gadget is that the breathing patterns are highly sensitive to the mind’s states. It measures about 10 characteristics of every breath and on the basis of the results of these characteristics; condition of your mind is predicted. It is analogous to the weather report in which you calculate how would be the day. Besides the mind conditions readability, the gadget is also able to recommend some instructions via phone. Currently, the app is available only for the iPads and iPhones. Basically it is a blend of advanced science and common sense, according to the inventor.

breath monitoring app
It can be hooked very easily due to its small size

The Spire has no contact with the skin directly but hooked up outside the body to monitor just the movements. The Spire has strong battery that can last for weeks with one time charging. It can be charged wirelessly however a charging pad is also provided with the gadget. The Spire will be made available in September this year.