Soon Robots Will Be Able To Draw Creative Paintings? (Video)

Today, the humans are not the only one who can create works of art. E-David is a robot capable of  doing painting using a model and an algorithm. So when someone just programs it and provides it with a paint and a brush, it starts painting.

E-David  is the project of  the University of Konstanz  (Universität Konstanz) in Germany, and done by a research group specializing in computer graphics and multimedia. Designed from a standard robot, it uses the principle of retro-activity visual, to make independent choices and decisions based on what it sees through the camera while painting.

We are surprised that a robot can make such a beautiful painting! Even if for the moment it is not able to create a work of art entirely by itself, who says that one day robots will not possess enough artificial intelligence to achieve this objective. Do you think that technological innovation can cause the decline of the art?


E-David-Robot That Can Paint-the University of Konstanz