A Father Captures Unbelievable And Stunning Photos Of His Baby Girl (Photo Gallery)

In this modern era, camera and mobile are so common that it is very easy to capture any shot, anywhere at any time. Parents love their children and want to keep the memories of their childhood. However some parents capture the pictures of their babies using different and unique ideas. Like here a father took pictures of her baby daughter then he edited them in a photo editing software to present us the amazingly stunning photographs.

Swedish photographer Emily Nystorm took his daughter shots in different situations. Then, by using Photoshop, he has made unbelievable photos of a baby that is one year old and unable to crawl. Pictures present situations in which her baby girl is cutting fruits with a ninja sword, hanging by a kitchen rack, painting a wall by a roller, suspended  in the air wearing a fairy dress while holding a magic stick in a hand, hanging behind an aeroplane in the air and much more.

baby painting wall with a roller

baby sitting beside a monkey

baby eating chocolate


baby jumping into the tub

baby suspended in the air as a fairy

baby hanging behind a plane in the air

baby holding a ninja sword

babies having party time