sleep health sensor system

Sense: An Amazing Non-Inrusive Gadget To Measure And Enhance Sleep Quality

A company Hello has made a gadget named Sense that monitors all the factors that affect the sleep. It connects with a smartphone app and measures the quality of your sleep out of score of 100. This gadget is non-intrusive and does not disturb your sleep.

Plenty of products that monitor the sleeping habits, are available in the market. They monitor how well did you sleep and let you know how many times you were disrupted during the sleep. However, these wearable clinky sensors may disrupt the sleeping cycle. A San Francisco based company Hello has made a gadget named Sense that monitors all the factors that affect your sleep without disrupting your sleep.

The amazing gadget comprises of two parts; an orb sensor that is clipped on the bedside and another sensor named ‘sleep pills’ clamped on the pillow. Both the sensors are connected with an app to keep you updated. The sensors monitor different parameters of the room such as humidity, noise, movements, temperature and air particulars. To charge the Sense and Sleep Pills, Li-Ion battery is used while for connection with the smartphone, Bluetooth is used. The connectivity with the smartphone is also possible with the help of Wi-Fi. Different sleep score lets you know the quality of sleep you took each night. Different factors have different effects on the score such as barking of dogs can bring the score down up to 10 and appropriate temperature and lighting boost up the score up to 20-30.


hello sense sleep tracking system
The gadget is smart enough to let you know the factors affecting your sleep
sleep score
The gadget is also connected with an app that calculates the sleep score .
sleep health sensor system
The gadget comes in the form of two sensors; one is an orb sensor and other is sleep pills

The perfect sleep is equal to 100 score which means you slept very well under perfect conditions. It is unlike other gadgets which you need to wear  all the time which becomes annoying and disturbing. On the other hands, the orb resembles a small sculpture and glows from inside. It generates a soft white noise to make your sleep comfortable and also works as a soft alarm. Sleep pills notices when you are getting up.

sleep pill
The gadget monitors different parameters of the room such as temperature, noise, movements and humidity.

The gadget is even smart enough to wake you up based on the sleep cycle calculations even though the time of the alarm is not reached. It saves you from getting tired and grouchy like when someone is awakening from a deep sleep. The gadget also tells what the factors we must change in order to get a perfect sleep. The world will be a real paradise if everyone gets the perfect and appropriate sleep. The funding campaign has been started on kickstarter where the price of one sleep pills and orb Sensor is kept at $99 while for one sensor and two sleep pills it is $129.