Samsung’s Funny Robot To Test Strength Of Smartphones

Samsung's Funny Robot To Test Strength Of Smartphones-

What a better way to test the robustness of the smartphones than by using a butt shaped robot?Samsungs uses this technique to test its Galaxy Note 4…

Our mobile phones are very often subject to many different types of stresses like falls, scratches, knocks… All these daily life situations are dangerous for the survival of our dear companions. And not to mention the moments when we forget it in our back pocket and we sit on it…

To test the crashworthiness of its Galaxy Note 4 screens, Samsung has created a buttock shaped robot which wears a pair of press jeansThe operator controls the robot to create a stronger or weaker pressure on the screen of the smartphone. He sets the parameters of pressure strength and frequency from a computer.

In the following video, we see the Samsung’s unusual system in action on the famous Galaxy Note 4. We see that the smartphone comes off with flying colors as it has a screen capable of withstanding force of upto 100 kg.

YouTube Preview Image

The news may sound amusing, but we cannot doubt the effectiveness of this approach. Did you know that such a robot was being used for the purpose.